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THE INVISIBLE KISS by Laura Demelza Bosma

This is a poem about how the inner shadow of thoughts and emotions dissolves when she is heard, and makes a woman come to full blossom…

I wrote “The Invisible Kiss” a while ago to help myself silence my mind: a call to listen to myself and my inner need for the peace I experience after being heard. I’ve walked through life a lot looking for those ‘ears’ that wanted to hear. I’ve finally found a partner who has the quality of listening. Being with him I regularly experience ‘the magic that happens if the listener is gentle and the storyteller’s voice grows wings’.

But what if we sometimes need a listening ear when no one is there? What do we do when we’ve got an urgent need for a mother owl on our shoulder who will tell us stories, and listen to us at the same time, simply by being there?

At such times, we have to become this owl for our selves; integrating its qualities into our own being. The ‘no self’, the ‘silence’ we are longing for can only be found when we are one with what is. This union—that happens with the acceptance (not meaning there is a lack of passion) of the movements our thoughts and emotions make— is what I call the ‘Invisible Kiss’. We can call our inner owl, or inner bear (as in my bear painting below), by painting, singing or writing poetry. We can feel heard and kissed while we are actually on our own.

I think it is this kind of ‘spiritual kiss’ of surrender, that Kate Bush sings about in her song ‘The Sensual World.’ When we love ourselves we open up to the sensual, blossoming women that we already are:

How we wish to live in the sensual world
we don’t need words
just one kiss then another.”
Artwork by the author, Laura Demelza Bosma

The Invisible Kiss
by Laura Demelza Bosma

If you´re tired, just go to sleep,
if you´re happy don´t make your soul weep over empty images.
Stop drowning, breathe..

Each dog left alone will start howling if no one hears. 
Let it howl to calm down.
Allow the dog the self-experience of howling. 
Its sound is just as much a flight
as the dive of an owl.

The old owl lands on my shoulder.
She is the mother reading books aloud
teaching that magic happens
if the listener is gentle
and the storyteller’s voice grows wings
and this on and on.
Through time and space
the roles are ever-changing.

We are only looking for the invisible,
the no me,
the sea of light,
the silence after the fight,
the brightness of some thoughtless being in the sun.

Come along, in being:  
vibrant like the trees
we kiss the answer.
Pictured is the author

Laura Demelza Bosma (1986) is a Dutch singing and painting poetess living in Austria where she gave birth to two lovely children. She follows the river of life and loves to spend time to take care of her roots, just by being where she is wherever she is. The magic is in the little things. Laura won a few Dutch youth-poetry-prices and studied Writing For Performance at the art academy. A poetry volume got published, called ‘ Zo vliegen de walvissen’. (Thus The Whales Fly) One of her favourite expressions was the performance of her poems. They were well received at poetry-slams and other small literature-festivals. After taking part of shamanic ayahuasca-ceremonies and visiting the Babaji-ashram in Loenen (NL), Laura more and more lived her life in the name of devotion (bhakti yoga), being a woman and opening up like a flower. At the moment she is learning to become a Doula, a servant for woman during pregnancy, labor and the weeks afterwards. She wishes to combine her experience with the healing capabilities of creativity with the ones of becoming and being a mother, trusting the natural strength, love and wisdom of our own inner mother goddess, wearing all our different faces and situations. Visit her at her website here. 

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