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 ~"Although this blog features the voices of women primarily, with the new year of 2013, we welcome select, occasional submissions by men that honor the feminine voice. Today I introduce you to the colorful and provocative art of Evan Clayton Horback, inspired by the poetry and struggles of women."~ 

 I am a parent of two daughters, a schoolteacher, an artist...

I am also a white, American male submitting my perspective to a women’s journal about the events surrounding an Indian woman in New Dehli. 
Art by Evan Clayton Horback

 On every level, this tragedy has brought global focus to a pervasive & overlooked problem.  The brutal savagery and the coinciding socio-political apathy have sent off alarms throughout the world…finally.  So, where does this leave us?  What actions can we take as individuals to be a part of the solution?

As artists, poets, teachers, parents, we all continue along our individual paths of dharma. Yet, we know that we have a social responsibility as a fellow human to respond when others are mistreated, harmed, and abused. 

How do we find the words or form of communication to express ourselves despite this recent horrific act of violence that has left us speechless?   

As we consider our own responses & our own call to action, the words of the Telugu poet, Seela Subhadra Devi, come to mind.  She wrote:

“Beneath the shade of a banyan, 
not like a blade of grass, 
myself a banyan,
desire to walk in dignity." 

[Silalolitha, 1993, P-104] 

Art by Evan Clayton Horback

The language I am choosing to express my perspective comes in the form of a series of paintings, which explore the marginalized and often conflicting role of women within Indian culture, though we know that this experience is not exclusive to India. 

 Still, it feels as though India, up until now, seems to have been so blatant and unapologetic in its culture of oppression against women

I am hoping that my artwork can serve as a tool for dialogue and subsequent activism, allowing each of us to identify our inner humanity and instincts to protect those most vulnerable to injustice and harm.  

The words from the bedtime story I read to my young girls last night come to mind:

“So, take what is inside you and make bold choices. 
 And for those that can’t speak for themselves, use bold voices.” 

(From Is There Really a Human Race? By Jamie Lee Curtis).
Art by Evan Clayton Horback
Art by Evan Clayton Horback

Evan Clayton Horback (Srinivasa dasa) has been a student & practitioner of the Bhakti Yoga tradition since 1995 and studied in several ashrams in both India & the New York City area. He has a dual degree in both Visual Arts & Art Education from SUNY New Paltz, as well as a graduate degree in Educational Leadership and certificates in Montessori teaching. Though he has enjoyed teaching children over the last seven years, he happily returned to his true passion of producing art in the studio. You can see his current work here. Evan lives with his wife, Sachi, & two daughters, Varshana & Amala, on Lake Sunapee in Central New Hampshire.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. Thank you for posting this. What great visuals to tell the story of women who need to be heard.

  2. I love the messages you communicate with your bold art, and am happy and honored to feature it here on my blog. May it inspire society to listening to the voices of women and the inestimable treasures therein. Thank you for your contribution, my new friend! And you are always welcome to share more of your work here.

  3. Evan, your words are on point and your art is astoundingly beautiful and muscular. I love that duality. Peace be with your spirit.


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