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TRANSFORM AGAIN by Alexandra Moga

 This poem was actually inspired by a New York Times article on relationships…

… and this sentiment of hesitation towards marriage and commitment I've observed in my generation. We seem to be holding off on marriage and making families, wanting instead to experience as much independence and freedom from dreaded stagnation as possible until we commit, thinking commitment to be the end of our personal evolutions.

"Transform Again" is about keeping the spark of transformation alive on a deeper level, it's meant to inspire a dynamic relationship with the self and with others, in the direction of acceptance and flexibility, regardless of external status.

In the end, we are always transforming, and coming to that realization, we might be able to steady ourselves in that, make the most of it, and find a home in the unchanging, eternal stream of love.
Transform Again

Transform again
So I can say I thought I knew you back when
Happily whisper to my heart in a wink,
I just don't know him like I did

Transformed again
While that dress I'm in looks foreign to your constant eyes
Still settles on your soul's remembered ties
Sparks your mellow memory in a nick of causeless time

Transform again
To please that eternal form
As it watches your forgetfulness
Lose your little self to the ultimate
Die to live, die to live

Transformed again
Squirming, emerging against the tides
Bashed into false dreams countless times
Finally waking restless mind
To the lightness of an ebbing sigh

Transform again
Questions cloaked in answers
Wrangled into extra time
Compromise broken control
And let your soul sweetly abide

Transformed again
An instrument in those knowing hands
Dropped the sound of suffering 
Deliver me your tonic place of rest
Appealing fallen to uncover best

Transform again
Lift the veil, receive a taste
Bridge low lands and the mirrored page
Invest in cleansing ways to see the same
If you will, reunite on the eternal train

Transformed again
Calling out your name
From an ocean of darkness, this ever-changing game
Hearing, a new plant springs to sustain 
Roots to the source, an evergreen thumb digging to remain

Transformed again
By this love like a river
Feeding rapid flames in veins to steady
A nearer kind of me, simply and no longer
Transformed again

Alexandra Moga uses poetry and yoga to express and connect with the spiritual spark. Introduced to Sahaja Yoga meditation and kundalini philosophy at a young age, she has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and rhyming lines for most of her conscious life. After 4 years at a culinary arts academy and 5 years of life and art studies in Paris, she sought to deepen her knowledge of yoga with the goal of sharing the yoga practice and traditions, completing the Yoga Society of New York teacher training at Ananda Ashram. Currently, she is immersed in the Bhakti Yoga tradition, a source of rich wisdom and practical tools for "simple living and high thinking". She gives thanks for this charmed and churning life. You can find more of her writing here. Or connect with her on Facebook. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us, Alexandra. I so much appreciate the way you present transformation in a positive light, as many people resist change in their lives. Your poem makes it sound dynamic and inviting, and reminds us that it is a constant part of life. Transformation in part of being alive, and -as you mention in your introduction- it happens to us no whether we are single, or married, divorced, widowed, etc. Transformation is eternal, just like love, and your poem highlights that beautifully. Welcome to Women's Spiritual Poetry blog and please feel free to share ore of your poems in the future.


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