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“Last night I dreamt that I walked among the wild tigers of Bengal…

At first I walked alone through thick jungle foliage. When I heard sounds behind me, I noticed tiger cubs walking toward me. Then I worried, briefly, that if the mother appeared she might attack me, for I knew how protective mothers can be of their cubs. But when the tigress did appear, along with other tigresses, instead of being aggressive, they were all surprisingly friendly: stalking me with a motive other than to devour me. For the remainder of the dream I walked in harmony with the tigers, as if one of them, delighting in the playfulness of their babies. When I awoke I contemplated the imagery in my dream:

Jagadambe Devi by Krishna Kanta Dasi
Durga Devi came to my mind: that ancient Vedic goddess of feminine empowerment whose companion is a tigress.

I considered that perhaps the tigresses planed to make prey of those parts of me that resist love, and grant courage to the other parts of me that hide behind fear. The tigresses communicated a message of fearlessness to me with each elegant and graceful stride taken by my side. Then I thought about how I often fear engaging my own voice: how it is a struggle each time I share myself vulnerably in my writings.

In facilitating this poetry blog I have come to learn what a common struggle this is among women: That of allowing our voices to be heard without fear, without needing to remain anonymous, without hiding. But instead, roaring proudly, like a beautiful tigress, walking freely in the jungle, each little tiger cub a symbol of our awesome creative energy.

Then, this very morning, I came across this poem by my friend Naomi, which seemed to echo my sentiments, right down to the tiger symbology! I happily share it with all of you today, and gently ask that –as you read it- you consider the relationship between sharing one’s voice and allowing love to thrive."  ~Catherine Ghosh~

Find Your Voice And Sing
by Naomi Stone

Creative energy is stepping
on our heels
pursuing us
looking for an open portal
pouring out like wine
anointing us
spilling over
from a sacred heart

beauty catches us 
like a ray of sun
and snowflakes kiss
and caress
while birds bless us
with their own kind
of music

drop their gowns
lining the path
with velvet petals
meeting us
in the beauty of nakedness
and a fragrant trail
of enchanting essence

sublime beauty stalks us
like the tiger
roaring from inside
like the lion that wants
to be king

find your voice and sing
and let it bring
you freedom to be
and create

who whispers in the dark
whose voice is it
give your soul a chance
to dance
let your spirit fly

and whatever else you do
or don't do
oh.....dear one....
dear friend...
let the Beloved 
love you
and tap into 
an unending stream
                                             of life-giving creative love

Naomi Stone: "I am a contemplative, a mystic, a pilgrim, a seeker, a woman deeply in love with the God hidden in all of us, in all of His Creation, who comes shining out when we least expect it and takes my breath away and breathes me with His sublime Presence in everything." You may visit Naomi on herwebsite here where she has shared over 700 of her poems over the last four years. You may contact her via Facebook here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. I love this dream that you just shared. Its beautiful and meaningful and perhaps its beauty lies in its meaning itself.
    I connect with Shera Mats ( The mother who rides a tiger ) very strongly. It was deeper still when I was a child, having conversations with her was a usual thing then. Now we are all so caught up in being adults we do not allow anyone, even God to be part of our musings and thoughts.
    There is a lot of imagery in both, your writing and NAomi Stone's poem.
    I have this theory. I feel that all these wonderful tigresses were friendly to you for you, yourself are one of them. You are that woman they trust with their kids when they have to hunt. Maybe its some indication, maybe your subconscious is telling you that you have a fiery spirit inside of you. Maybe that tigress inside of you is calling out to you, she wants you to run wild and become one with her.
    I also write at times :)
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Wow~ Thank you so much for sharing your insightful interpretation of my dream, Karan! I delight in imagining myself as a tigress! :-) And yes, I believe you've intuitively sensed my fiery spirit, which is calling me, to be more expressive with my voice. I thank you for your encouragement, your psychological savviness and for sharing that story about your childhood dialogue with Shera Mats. May you continue that conversation into your adulthood! :D

    2. Dear Krishna Kanta Dasi - I have shared the link to this inspiring and powerful post on our Facebook page Chakratirtha Travels and I look forward to many more people reading it. May we all continue these conversations with the divine!
      Thank you,

    3. Dear Krishna,
      Thank you for being the stimulus.
      It was wonderful travelling back the memory lane, remembering those conversations, it made the light inside me grow stronger.
      I do believe that activating your inner tigress would be truly awesome.
      I made an error in my comment above. I was referring to Shera Mata not Shera Mats :)
      I hope to continue conversing with her.
      It would be great to know your views or critique on my Art :)
      You can see my art work on my blog or my fb page
      I would love to know the thoughts of someone who understand the calling of the subconscious totem animal :)

  2. I could feel myself pacing gracefully, powerfully, with the tigresses. I may conjure this image whenever my voice falters, or fear muffles me... Thank you!


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