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BYPASS WATERS by Andréa Balt


When you realize you have hands and feet and you’re not really a person but an inexplicable phenomenon happening and happening and happening as we speak.

And you begin to understand that all of life is improvisation, and you can’t understand how your heart has not skipped one beat in all these years, and you’re momentarily afraid that, now that you’re pointing it out, it might suddenly stop, and you’re not yet ready for that… (Never.)

So here’s some heart surgery in verse, to help me -- you start feeling our hands & feet again.
Bypass Waters

Be still, be still,

So I may enter in a breath,
your throat, so I can dig my way 
through veins,
to that deluded heart
of yours, this way
a piece or two might be
extracted, spared,
the blood unblocked,
aortas’ bail.

And all the while, hush,

be still,
the hungry hour be fed,
the stone-bread near;
the sightless ear be opened,
a drop of sound into
a deaf eye, those three words
I don’t love, a substitute
of lips, the skin
no longer mute,
the beast still unconcealed.

Be still, and know man only lives

but twice, once for his
poisoned heart, and yet 
just to hear his name,
on someone else’s lips. 
Whose do you whisper
as you fall asleep?

And yet, be still, I say

quiet your hands, 
courage is just a fine
string, not a rope.
I’m almost through, be still,
but are you sure
you want the pounding,
dear? My fatal song will do,
be still… Though you should
know: the added life
comes with a plus
of fear. 

Andréa Balt is a writer, garage philosopher & unfinished book with a love for greens, bikes and poetry. She holds a BA in Mass Communication, an MFA in Creative Writing & is an AADP certified Wellness Alchemist. She is co-creator of Rebelle Society, a virtual country reporting acts of creative rebellion and celebrating the art of being alive. Additionally, she spills her tea over at Rebelle Époque & she is currently undergoing 365 days of Creative Rehab. Connect with her on FacebookTwitterPinterest &Tumblr.

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