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THE WRITER IN ME by Isabelle Andres

I was walking in the woods, introspecting about what it meant for me to be a writer…

All of the sudden this poem came to me. It happened pretty much all at once, and so I stopped walking, picked up my pen and the book I was reading at the time, and I let the lines write themselves in front of my eyes from the bottom of my heart. Writing poetry and fiction is a rather new thing to me and so I was quite amazed to see what my heart had to say about what it means for me to write.

The Writer In Me
by Isabelle Andres 

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
Armed with her rucksack bag,
Her pens and her note pads,
She embarks on her own adventures
Never too sure of what she will find,
She wanders around the globe,
Seeking new emotions, new worlds
Seeking the new in all its allure.

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
For she travels the spaces of her mind,
Attuned to the rhythms of her heart,
Listening to the calling of her soul,
Guided by the words of the Universe,
Carrying the heavy luggage of her past,
She forever treasures the nows,
For they are both her fate and new luggage.

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
She loses herself in the labyrinth of her life,
She knows her time here is no rehearsal,
For she is there to make sense of her maze,
For she is there to share what she finds.
She knows at times some doors must be shut,
So new chapters can have a chance to be written,
So her story can begin to take shape and begin to be read.

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
She loves to loose herself with herself,
For her inspiration alights while she is there,
But rare are those times she is truly lonely,
For she paints new worlds with her words,
For she meets new faces through her chapters,
For she feels new emotions through her stories,
For she creates magic with her ink.

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
Yet, she creates her big family on her journey,
She knows love is no matter of blood,
She knows all she meets hold something for her,
She knows she too has something to offer,
She knows that she is them and they are she,
She knows such meetings were meant to be,
She welcome all in her heart family.

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
Yet in secret she forever dreams,
That one day her worlds will be read,
That one day her stories will be shared,
Yet in secret she forever dreams,
That when she goes, she will for ever stays,
Through the bit of herself that she gave away,
So subtly yet so sharply throughout her stories.

The writer in me tends to be solitary:
But like all those who surround her,
She is after all also a human soul,
And there exist those odd chapters in her story,
Where she can truly feel really lonely,
When she loses touch with her worlds,
When she can no longer find her ink,
When she fears that gloomy blank story.

It is in those odd moments of her life,
She secretly wishes for her friends,
To seek the writers within them,
To gently embrace her with their worlds,
To gently cuddle her with their words,
It is in those odd moments of her life,
She seeks refuge out of her worlds,
Into the worlds of those who like her,
Like to call themselves writers.

Isabelle Andres: A few years ago, I decided to embark on a new journey, a rather personal one, one of self-discovery and so I began to let go of all I once was to become all I am and will be. Along the way, I have discovered myself a passion for photography, writing, reading and dancing amongst many other things. I find my inspiration in Nature and contemporary art and I love to explore the creative and spiritual spheres. From introspective journaling I somehow began to venture in the land of poetry. My first poem came to me whilst I was absorbed as I often am in a moment of Nature contemplation. Recently I have begun to venture in the land of fictional writing and I now secretly dream that one day I will be the proud author of a novel. I can be found on my website Belle Pan’s Maze and on my writer’s page on Facebook.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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