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My double titled poem represents a lyrical manifest on how to get over our painful past, no matter the circumstances we had to endure – love, loss, abandonment, deception, abuse etc...

It`s a poem I wrote long ago when experiencing the core of a transition period when I was trying to understand myself, my existence, my role, the universe I lived in, my fears and doubts, my chaos and meditating on how these confused perceptions can be used in the process of my REcreation, of my self-improvement as a human being and as a woman. 

During yesterday’s instant... points out the woman of yesterday and her shortcomings but also her desires and qualities that are keep leading her to a point in time where she becomes perfect...for herself and for the world. She ‘’sells’’ her past space for ‘’buying’’ a new one where she can become new and fresh in front of a new and exciting path, more durable and full of positivity. 

‘‘THEN- NOW- NEXT’’ HORIZONS represents the relationship between the dots seen in time and how the past connects with the present and the future. How can we transform negative perceptions into positive ones, how can we become constructive on our own path, how can we choose not to give up and be co-creators of the universe. The horizons aren`t singular innocent galaxies suspended to the sky, but are consequences of our eternal past and present actions, attitudes and reactions, the way we understand our existence and how we have to get aware of the psychological and emotional aspects of it. 

With this poem, I try to share a positive perception on how we can permanently REcreate ourselves during our journey through the universe and on this planet Earth that is so important for us to preserve. We ourselves are a work in progress process that shapes our world.  

Two important symbols present on my poem are nature and diversity. Let`s get more and more aware of the importance of preserving Nature, communicate and fuse with it, meditate in it, be unique in a collective conscious progress as human beings, stand for dialogue, tolerance and understanding, for the diversity of cultures and civilizations in the middle of a healthy and welcoming environment. A celebration of life!

"Then-Now-Next" Horizons/ During Yesterday’s Instant...
by Ana Nedelcu

During yesterday’s instant
...I part with the place that has formed me and has tortured me.
I am tasting the last past drop and the first drop of must.
I have just finished another activity that mourns with pleasure of its own born.
I have met new people and have lost others.
I have found myself THERE, on my land…I have found myself HERE, on my land.
I am falling and rising, I am crying and laughing, I am waiting and leaving.
my body parts are leaving on turn.
I am selling own space- parts, that are becoming bored and have grown old, while waiting for my reactions.
I have listened and designed movement that I have brought in front of an audience.
someone is calling me over the social bridges.
I won’t refuse risk, newness; I’m looking for nothing and for all…and I find EVERYTHING
During yesterday’s instant
Not long ago, I was travelling over an empty space…of humanity…
but full of…Nature.
I went hiking just to feel and smell
as many GREEN as I could probably…feel and smell.
I wasn’t alone:
from over an uncovered with the eye hill,
hungry animals were calling for food,
just as if the meal were a dog in mission,
as if the meal were there for them
each single moment of existence, waiting…
I got panicked in front of this crucial moment but,
from the moment my heart became bigger than the mind,
I saw THE WAY to the light…
I began drilling for my inner courage,
hidden under the black sheet.
Just that very moment,
a figure without human face
sprang from behind the hills,
and smiled with an ancestral tranquillity.
Just before that happening,
a canyon had formed in front of my eyes:
everything was in stillness
and speechless with the image…
My moment was arising:
I was breaking each wall… everything,
with no fear and complex,
realizing that I, myself was the obstacle:
past, ordinary and condemned to fear–
I, myself…
I was taught how to chisel my own HORIZONS
based on my colour and texture preferences
…inside an absolute DIVERSITY.

Ana Nedelcu I am a 31 years old Romanian philologist, writer/poetess/journalist, expert in European studies and self-taught artist in sustainable design, stage performance and contemporary psychology/human behavior. I have been writing for 10 years and I have widely published. I made my debut in poetry in 2009 in a regional literary anthology. I coordinated and designed the national anthology Feminine Voices ~ literature written and dedicated to women. I initiate and coordinate creative writing workshops for young and adults. Related to my literary insights, I find myself in poetry the most prolific creatures of all, as verses are continuously flowing through my mind`s and heart`s eye. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, from landscapes to people, from laughter to tears, from sound to touch, from the concrete to the abstract. I consider myself a complete artist and a leader inside my social expertise where community, education and art are telling a common story. Art is by itself an approach on social issues. This is why I stand for being an artivist. Please check out my website here, or connect with me on Facebook. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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