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HOME by Ilda Dashi

Home is not a place; it is a state of being...

We all have a longing inside, a strong desire to arrive at some ‘home’ that feels peaceful, loving and protective. We all need and want a connection like this, which is more like a spiritual connection with the source of all beings. The source is that which has created all: we humans included. 

It may feel like the most humbling experience when we receive glimpses of this kind of connection, and we try to hold on. Yet we cannot hold on. This state of being can only come naturally if we are receptive to it; if we trust it enough, knowing that it is the source of our heartbeats and the source of the very blood circulating through our veins, and providing us with this body as the vessel we need to navigate our ways through this world. Is this not something to be humbly grateful about? 

Surely at times we forget, but eventually we will turn to this source of our beings. It is always there proving our the shelter we need, the protection we need, the food we need, the goods we need. It never abandons us, even though sometimes we may feel like this is the case. But it cannot be, for the source is a never-ending intelligence that cannot fail us. Instead, it challenges our hearts and minds in order for us to expand, and change our perceptions of reality. In the long run, this is beneficial to each and every one of us, even though we may not see the benefit right away. In the moment you feel homeless, trust the source of your being. It is your home. 

by Ilda Dashi

I have walked on many roads,
climbing anytime different trails,
to find home, to find me,
but anytime a door opens up, I fail.

I have walked on many roads,
I have tasted sand and salt along the shore,
yet remained thirsty;
hungry at the core.

I have walked on many roads,
on roses and bushes I got drunk,
anytime my feet wanted to move in a new direction,
by invisible ropes, I got caught.

I have walked thousands miles through time and space,
to find my home here on earth.
But home is not a place, my soul tells me;
it is a flowering inside that shines where there’s grace.

(This poem will soon be appearing in the author's debut collection of poems: It is You Searching for You, 2017) 
Pictured is the author, Ilda Dashi

Ilda Dashi is a seeker of truth in life. She had been accumulating things that she feels really matter in life, in her life, until she realized that nothing is of greater importance that finding her own Self, and her own path, in other words her own SOUL. Today, Ida continues to seek new ways of dealing with her own struggles and understand her own unique path and her own uniqueness which sometimes scares her...but she can't follow any other path other than the path her Soul is calling her to follow. Ida is a lover of nature and silence. She loves to be still and meditate because in those moments she tastes glimpses of her own truth above the veil of dust filled with conditioning and ignorance from the past. She is a dreamer and she likes to reach the stars. Visit her blog, her Youtube channel, or connect on Facebook.

If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!


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