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Sometimes we may question our worth...

...wondering if we will make a difference on our Earth; or what our gifts are, and how we may serve humanity. Sometimes this is readily apparent as we may have an obvious mission in life. Others of us may feel at a loss as to what our gift truly is. That is what I was pondering when I wrote the poem, Power Of The Little Things. We may never know the full impact of the smallest actions we take. Even if we only reach a handful of people in our lifetime, someone that we inspire may be destined to reach many with a positive affect. With deepest appreciation for all of the small ways that we do make a difference...

Power Of The Little Things
by Terri Lambert

Glint in the eye that begins our story
Single cell that divides in two
First inhale that welcomes us in
First step that begins the dance
Spark that ignites the fire
Seed that contains the potential of it's future generations
Taste that whets the appetite
Nod that signals 'the time is now'
Note that begins the melody
Candle that lights the way in darkness
Word we need to hear
Sip of water that quenches our thirst
Sweater that gives us just enough warmth
Nudge to 'go for it'
First stroke of pen upon paper
Flutter of the butterfly wing that becomes the hurricane
Last straw that says 'enough is enough!'
Tear that releases the flow of all that is pent up
Gentle touch that soothes the soul
Smile that lifts the heart
Waft of lingering scent that reminds us of our love
Grain of sand that becomes the pearl
Small check that casts our vote
Perception of life, with room to grow
Last exhale, as we bid farewell.

Terri Lambert, an artist and contemplative, finding solace and inspiration in nature to draw from, began writing as a spiritual practice, a way  to express gratitude for the gifts we are given and take in through our senses. Her hope, through  sharing her artwork and writing, is to inspire in others the qualities of understanding, appreciation, compassion and peace.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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