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THE DANCE OF LIFE AND LOVE by Savitri Ingga Talahatu

This entry is inspired by a huge personal breakthrough when volunteering for a traveling kirtan group...

 The Holy Name dived so deep into my core and lodged Itself there, spontaneously awakened every cell of my body in a kind of primordial dance that I found it rather challenging to fall asleep, eat, work and pretty much do any other mundane worldly "duties", much like being in a heightened state of being in love.  After living the last few years devoid of writing and dancing, the Divine Mother has decided that this was the time for emergence.  Since this past weekend, words came out of me like torrents of rain and movements were potent energy, moving in a speed of light, like a burst of Life and Love.  
Interestingly, my mind is quiet, my body is relaxed and has taken a new shape.  My face is serene.  In the last few days, I have been dancing round and round until I was spent and totally drenched.  Dancing is once again a prayer of choice.  In the word of a famous dancer, "the sweat is a loving offering of the innermost self to the Beloved.”  Kundalini Shakti has once again blessed me with a glimpse of possibility.  As She writhes, slithers, stretches her slow dance and makes her sensuous ascent towards the abode of Shiva, Her Beloved, high above in the sahasrara, my whole being was awakened.  I am reminded that I must once again participate fully in the process of living.  I am not (yet) a renunciant!  

Learning the Art of Divine Loving and Sacred Living then is just about learning to live Life fully in the flow.  Messy, free and uncharted though it may be, the pulse of Life and Love is undeniable and will keep on getting to us until we listen to the message.  All that we need to do is nothing but to sweetly surrender and learn to ride the waves of Life.  "Losing" nine souls within a couple of years has brought me deeper into the core of my existence and, in a strange way, delivered me straight to the Source.  

The Dance of Life and Love was born at midnight, after my dear friend Kundra dropped me home from kirtan at The Music Gallery.  We drove at about 20km per hour under the twinkling stars, listening to Rumi-inspired tunes, laughing and crying at the same time.  When our hearts are melting, tears of love is our sweet offerings to the Beloved.  It was such a rapturous night!  
Photography by Anupama Kinagi
The Dance of Life and Love

dance when Life flows through you
dance when the Holy Name takes over you
dance when there is no more you or me
dance and let Love express Itself through you
dance when Life and Love merge within you
dance and live Life freely and ecstatically
dance and send Love wherever It wants to go
dance in gratitude of the possibility
Photography by Anupama Kinagi

Savitri Ingga Talahatu was born and raised in Bali to musician parents from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. She is mother to a grown son and god-mother to a beautiful 17 year old god-daughter.  Savitri has been a multi-disciplinary teacher for almost three decades, having taught in the public system in Indonesia and in Canada, at universities and community colleges, women's shelters and senior residences. She currently teaches bhakti-infused Hatha and Kundalini Yoga classes, facilitates Yoga and Wellness workshops in Toronto, and at an annual Yoga teacher-training program in Bali.  Savitri is also a life coach, holistic health practitioner, labor and post-partum doula, childbirth educator and Reiki Master. In her spare time, she plays with a gamelan ensemble since its inception in 2001. You may contact Savitri though e-mail Or on facebook here. 

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