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THE EMBRACE: YOU AND I by Zahra Akbarzadeh

We are included in the divine effulgence that permeates the whole cosmos…

We are the same strings connected to other strings from inside to outer infinity. I believe that such a perspective helps us ignore geographical, racial and cultural belief system differences and boundaries, joining us in the unique common essence-infinity that we all share.

By listening deeply to this pleasant cosmic music that is Love, we will all be able to integrate our emerging potentials, and to become united as the best we can be. By finding and following our inner compass: that sacred part of divinity within ourselves, we awaken ourselves to the path leading to our final home, that of infinity.

The Embrace: You and I
by Zahra Akbarzadeh

You're the embrace I rest in
Take me from me to become you

You're the kiss whose flame I light
Touch me in every cell of you 

You're the fragrance of that rose I bloom
You're the garden of me, I'm the garden of you

You're the wine thirsty for the lips I am
Flow me in the vein of you

Who can separate me from you?
When you are me, I am you

No time, no space, nobody
All is all, all is me, all is you

Zahra Akbarzadeh is an Iranian mother and cardiologist living in Tehran with a post-doctorate fellowship in echocardiography. Her article “Cosmic Music: Insights into the Theory of Love" published here, is the ultimate surge for her poetry. You may contact Zahra via Facebook here, or via e-mail

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


  1. how blessed are the people whose hearts cause them to find you,,,, how blessed are you, divine SiSTAR, Zahra, the inhabit-er of the most wondrous, kind, vast and com-passionate Heart of One,,, How blessed am I to be the embrace you rest in, to be included, re-minded of our one-ness in the One Beloved... eternal love dear SiSTAR

    1. Thanks dear sister, Shree ! Yes, you are the garden of me, I am the garden of you <3


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