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GYPSY WOMAN by Jacqui Lalita

There is a gypsy inside of every woman…

I have devoted my life to helping women release that free spirit within them that dances in the moonlight like a gypsy. 

May this poem help you find and awaken the Gypsy Woman in you, and set her free  on wings of magic and grace, straight into your life!
Pictured is Jacqui Lalita

Gypsy Woman

Gypsy Woman sleeps outdoors
to be close to the wild call of coyote and crow

who remind her to always hold hands with freedom.

By night pure molecules of air laden with stardust
blanket her dreams

She spins tin cans of trust into golden opportunity

light and dark into effervescent rainbows of inspiration,

Passion and purpose adorn each adventure
 to beckon her imagination.

She is a wisdom seeker in flowing skirt

and a pocket full of intuition

that carries her across landscapes and cultures,

down rivers and up mountains,

with tambourine on one hip and trust on another.

She is a close friend of plant kin, an ally of ancient ways

dancing naked under full moons

whole and holy across the days.

She makes love at any hour
and brews her magic in the night

and with bare feet she goes
earthly breath into rays of light!

Gypsy woman! Gypsy woman!
Powerful is your stance!

Riding the tails of comets with a body made to dance!

Gypsy woman! Gypsy woman!
Glorious are your wings!

Riding the crest of waves with a soul that forever sings!

You twirl your dress as you spin
and the Gods come closer to peek

Oh Gypsy Woman, you are the freedom

each soul silently seeks.

Lover of life, wandering wayfarer,

fragrant gypsy moving to the beat of tambourines,

at home you are in the forest, dreaming in the desert,

visioning by the sea, wild hair flowing on the breeze,

your heart is ever-free!

Moving from village to village
naked as the moon,

skin glistening in the sun,

some raise their eyebrows as you pass

Beautiful woman come undone!

Your caravan is the Beloved,
your tribe spreads far and wide,

there is magic where you are

down double rainbows how you slide!

Go now to the shores of Avalon
or the mountain's mystic heights
loving every fearless moment, night by starry night!
(To hear Jacqui recite her poem in this gorgeous video click play)

Jacqui Lalita travels the world teaching and performing devotional dance and sacred movement. She incorporates Oriental Dance, Romani Gypsy Dance, Sufi Whirling, Samba, Afro Brazilian, Odissi Indian temple Dance and Flamenco. She is the author of two books of poetry, Romancing the Divine and Rebirth of Venus available here.  The moon, plants, and furry creatures of our world continue to be her greatest teachers. Finding inspiration in deep bellied laughter, world music, homemade chocolate and wholesome foods, plants and herbal medicine, full moons, forests, oceans, mystic rivers and pure love soul gazes, Jacqui embodies a natural Venusian sensuality and exuberance, living each day in full celebration of the bountiful blessings all around and within. Connect with Jacqui via her website here, or find her on Facebook.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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