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This poem was inspired by my love for the women in my life…
I don't know where I would be without the love and support of my sisters. These women have been there for me when I am laughing and they have cradled me during those cries that make your body shudder and heave with sadness. They've helped me put my life in perspective over and over again. Reminding me that we've been in that dark place before and we might be there again.... but we made it through.
These women have carried me and I have carried them. They have kept my deepest secrets and stayed humble in the process. They have accompanied me on my Spiritual Journeys and encouraged me to recite my Intentions under the glow of a Full Moon. In another time and place we have dance naked and sang the songs whispered by Earth Mother. I know these women and I have walked, run and crawled with them. 
My sisters are my soul-mates and the loves of my life!
The other day I was wondering what my life would be without them. What I realized is their absence would be so great that would look for them. I would know that something was missing and I would constantly look over my shoulder and into the faces of strangers. I know this to be true because I looked around every corner until each one of them came into my life to complete me.

In the Absence of Sisterhood

I took a walk today to find my shadow
The first place I looked was near the ocean
I followed the scent of the salt sprayed air
I sniffed the mussels abandoned by the tide
and l looked for you
I called your spirit and waited for you to respond
You did not answer my cries and I could not find you

I went for a run today throughout the park
I ran beneath the Willow tree with the wispy branches
over the bridge near the stream filled with geese
I jumped over the low fence we called a hurdle
while I counted my breaths
I allowed the air to fill my lungs and energize me
But I did not see you there and you did not answer

I went to the market today on the hilly side of town
I thumped the melons and squeezed the peaches
I marveled at all the vibrant colors of the fruits
when they are permitted to ripen on the vine
the way nature intended
I purchased soap scented with lavender in which to bathe,
I really needed to relax and I sorely feel your absence

You were my shadow during each new lesson,
staying close and quiet
mimicking my moves in observation and respect,
hiding when I needed the right amount of space
to make an absolute wrong decision!
I laughed with you until my face hurt and I had cramps
            beneath my ribs,
I wear this memory of bonding love
and intrinsic peace like a shawl
Our sisterhood is strength and compassion
of knowing without words and silent sighs
We have travelled centuries in pairs and threes
wearing costumes of lace, polyester and denim
you saved me from the singular…….. time and time again

I cannot live my life without my sister-love
the want of a sister should be heralded as a need
when we meet again,
we will pick up from that last conversation
and you will have the last word
and I will listen mindfully.

Del-Rita Butler:  together. I have laughed that silly little girl laugh with all of them. You know..... the laugh that makes you tear-up every time you think the same thoughts. The laugh that contorts your face with joy!!!
My girls allow me the luxury of thinking I can be anything I want to be. They tell me I can fly when I try and hoist me up so I believe it is real! I am the luckiest woman in the world to have been held in boso
I have entered this new year with the Intention of nurturing the solitude in my life. I am facing the smallest questions and I am wrestling with issues that I have avoided for far too long. I am in the process of sifting through all the teachings and creating a daily practice that makes practical sense to me. I am learning to be more mindful and I am finding myself more thankful in the process. I have been intrigued with the small practice of choosing a word that inspires you or represents your place in life as you see it.  The word I have chosen for myself is “Grace”. I infuse grace into all aspects of my life now. I treat the living with grace and I strive to treat others as I would myself. We are here to learn but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as we are lead to believe. Keep yourself in the company of people you admire. Humble yourself and find strength in each lesson. This is who I am right now.
~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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