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Autumn is an amazing time here in New England…

I love the change of seasons—the maples, the oaks—all of the deciduous trees decked out in their brightest finery. But I often feel certain ambivalence with this change. We know from the moment the first leaves thru that the cold, harsh winds of winter are soon to follow. It stands a stark reminder of our own seasons, our own mortality.

I am often drawn to the parallels of man's seasons vs. nature's own. This was written after one such moment of contemplation. Having lost my parents before my 17th birthday, I once obsessed on dying young. Now, having bypassed both age milestones of my parents' mortality, I share this introspective moment: my fear, not of dying, but of perhaps not living "enough…"
Photography by the author, Ginny Brannan

On Fear and Falling Leaves
by Ginny Brannan

The leaves drop steadily, as
though last night’s frost
released some hidden trigger;
they race to hit the ground--
yellows, oranges, golds, reds
covering the lawn,
bidding final farewell
before frozen blanket again
coats my world.

I observe this spectacle
from inside, and wonder
of  the trees bared weeks ago;
the gray ones, sap no longer
flowing to limbs furthest reaches.
Will winter weigh heavy,
snapping limbs,  destroying hope
for another season, another chance?

My biggest fear…
not of my own mortality
as death is as inevitable…as
uncontrollable… as season’s change.

No, my fear is that of not living enough
to never experience all I hope to see,
people I’d like to meet, all the
wonders that lie waiting while I
juggle and struggle this reality
just to make ends meet.
  …no more leaves to drop,
     fading into final season
     without chance of at least one
     ultimate, glorious farewell.

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Photography by the author, Ginny Brannan

Ginny BrannanResiding in New England with husband of nearly 34 years, son and two cats, Ginny Brannan took poetry and creative writing courses in both high school and college. Foregoing degree, she headed directly into the workforce. In 2009, Ginny found herself out of work and facing the ominous task of finding employment in a cyber world and declining job market. Struggling to keep afloat, a long-time friend suggested she tap back into her creative side and pick up a pen and write (or Macbook and type as case may be). She credits the therapeutic effects of writing to getting her through this stressful time. Ginny writes both traditional poetry and free verse. She has been published in The River Muse, an on-line Art & Literary Journal. You may read more of her poetry on her website here, listen to her recite her poems here or connect with her Ginny on twitter 

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  1. This is something I fear as well. You've expressed it so well here, my friend. Kudos.


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