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Written one frosty winter morning when feeling incredibly romantic...

I was supposed to be getting ready but my soul had other plans. So words flowed through my finger tips, as I dreamt of my man, and a call to the Beloved, to Adventuring in Love emerged! I offer it to each of you today, on Valentine's Day! 

Adventuring in Love
by Lauren Love
I want to explore the world with you,
and make love under a blanket of stars,
to wake up nestled in your warm arms,
watching the sun rise for a brand new day.
I want to know I'm safe with you; 
that our love is our fierce protection.
I want to love you with the entirety of my being: 
Love you with my body, heart, mind and soul.
To cherish you and hold you, whether you're rising or falling, 
I'll be there through it all. 
I want to inspire you to live your dreams and to blossom into the greatness of who you came here to be. 
I want to explore, have fun, be childlike and play together,
like wonder-filled children awakening to our true nature.
I want to roll around in the woods,
walk barefoot in the sand,
make our own fires,
and explore distant lands.
I want to find our soul family,
unite as a tribe,
help those in need
and for us to collectively rise:
Inspiring and serving 
exploring our nature,
The Earth as our playground,
nourishment and savior. 
I want to pray with you, give praise with you and celebrate our human life 
through our senses, our magic, our love and our light, 
soaring to new heights
through music and dance, creativity and art.  
I want to be your partner, friend and guide of the heart 
and for you to be the same for me
meeting in equality,
understanding, compassion, kindness and love:
A blessing from above, a union divine 
meeting where our hearts melt in the bliss of true love, 
exploring Life together, 
adventuring as one.  
If this calls to your heart,
come, my love...
Let us unite our gypsy souls!
I'll be perched on the edge of eternity,
awaiting your presence,
for adventuring,
in love!

Lauren Love: Lauren works as a Montessori Teacher and Carer of Magical Babies. She is passionate about holistic education for little ones and her intention is to empower and inspire the children and encourage them to develop their innate inner gifts. Lauren feels that teaching kindness, collaboration, creativity and connection are just as important as academic subjects and enable our children to blossom into loving, confident and self empowered adults. The children are the future of our planet and it’s our job to guide them wisely. Lauren believes in teaching the children love and respect, to love and respect themselves, each other and our Earth. Lauren sees the children as our magical teachers and believes that if we are present with them they can teach us unconditional love, presence, how to live in the moment and not be attached to the past or future, to live in a state of joy, awe and wonder seeing every moment through new eyes. Lauren is currently writing a series of holistic books for children and is looking for a children’s publisher. She also works as a transformational therapist offering sessions in hypnotherapy and energy healing. A lover of heart~full conversation, soul connection, nature, holistic education, wellness, travel and sisterhood.. a huge romantic with a deep heart desire for sacred union. You may connect with Lauren via her website here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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