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LOVE CALLS by Zoe Michael

This poem is a personal representation of a twin flame relationship...

Verse by verse the words express the writer's emotional, spiritual and soulful expression in uniting with a twin flame energy and this reflects the journey they entail together. It beautifully explores the voice of the ego and the higher self when faced with a situation of the heart, which requires either total release and letting go or total surrender to the hearts desire. 

The writer embodies the goddess and the divine feminine. She begins the journey with her twin flame being overwhelmed by ego attached feelings of fear, doubt and judgement. As the poem continues, we learn of her ability to accept her twin flame just the way he is as she opens her heart and delves into her heart space. Her nature to surrender, ability to accept and love with no expectations or judgements and her spiritual awareness shift her into a high vibrational state of pure love. 

The masculine divine within the poem embodies a man who undergoes a cycle of indecisiveness. He recognizes his twin flame and feels their strong soul connection. However, he chooses to continue on a path of self destruction, sabotage and uncertainty. Throughout the poem it becomes clearer that he chooses to step into his power and come forward with love and understanding. He sees his goddess for who she is and finally unites with her soul, opening his heart allowing love to flow through him. 

The last verse concludes with the writers surrender to her heart in loving her twin flame whatever route he chooses and wherever life decides to take them within their relationship as friends, lovers or life long soul partners.   

Love Calls 
by Zoe Michael

Ring ring. 
Something about this tone feels familiar, yet every time I step closer I feel the need to hang up quickly.
Maybe my caller has no ID. 
No understanding of himself or of me. 
A lost soul on a path of sabotage and self destruction who generates confusion and focuses on worldly corruption. 
Hang on, that is a little harsh considering my perception of him is a reflection of my shadows and scars.
I grow attached to his kindness and authentic way of living which teaches me that truth is an important aspect of our existing.
I love him as a brother yet there seems to be a string which connects us as lovers.
I want to discover.

Ring ring.
He pulls on my heart strings and creates a different melody from the one previously. 

Tuning in.
Telepathic communication flows endlessly through an invisible cord which unites our cosmic states of being.
I turn up the volume.
He tunes in to my heartbeat and our breathing is mirrored in perfect symphony. 

Our symphony plays constantly generating waves of high and low emotional cascades. 
In and out we weave and all around us energy grows and emits.

Ring ring.
I didn't quite answer on time. 

As his vibration cuts off I energetically die. 
Deep egotistical pain begins to surface with a sea of emotions crying out to be explored.
I go through each emotion discovering new chapters. 

I heal my past story coming into realisation of the courage I captured.
This is my story and I continue to write it in all of its essence. 

I choose to continue to write from my lessons. 
As an overwhelming sense of power sets in, I learn to accept my caller with no judgements from within. 
I experience peace and total understanding of my self and my caller. 
I see him.
A blessing.

Ring ring. 

Something powerful shifted and sacred energy has been created. 
Am I dreaming up this reality from which true love has come forth? 
My caller's ID has revealed something so pure. 
He expresses love and an inner awakening of truth and knowing. 
I envisioned his heart energetically replaced by an angel of love so innocent and glowing.
I surrender in knowing that this is all for my learning.
I go with this urgent feeling of merging. 

Merging and melting of our souls which were destined to create magic through expression of love.

Ring ring.
My ego is speaking. 

I am told to keep my guard up because he changes his way of thinking. 
I am being made aware to not be fooled by his sudden new awakening. 
I am assured that his heart is still in pain and remains a little broken.
Ring ring.
My higher is self speaking. 

I open the door to his new way of thinking. 
I connect with his awareness and journey with his awakening. 
He loves me and sees me.
His words and actions have already proved to me.
I remember the angel replacing his heart in which he received with arms wide open. 

He experiences and feels love and his higher self has spoken.
I have faith.

Ring ring.
I feel his beautiful soul.

My heart has opened up and allowed him to come through. 
This safe place encases me in protection and knowing.
Knock knock. 
He walks in. 

He loves knowing how it feels to be accepted and believed in. 
He tells me he feels at home and sees a Goddess of love radiating truth from her being.
I see a vision of us co-creating as we live within our soul purpose.

We share and enrich the lives of others. 
Our inner children run free with joy with a trust so strong that loyalty could never die. 
Our souls are connected to our minds which are wired up creating the same wave.
Our bodies dissolve into one another whilst our hearts stay engaged.

Ring ring.  
My love calls.
I have learnt to love and accept every possible outcome. 
As a brother I will love him to the end.
As a lover I will love him to the end. 

As a soul mate I will love him to the end.
As a twin flame I will love him to the end.
My caller's ID will always have my full acceptance, honesty and love until the end.

Zoe Michael is a Reiki and Angelic Sound Healer and has been practicing since 2015. She enjoys offering her additional services which include Soul Journey card readings and Life Coaching. Zoe has a wide array of skills with experience and professional work within Retail Management, Theatre In Education, Acting, Student Workshop Facilitating and Teaching. As a passionate people worker and lover of all things creative, Zoe has decided to continue on her soul path of supporting others through their Spiritual awakening. She is currently in the process of writing a book which will share some of her most intimate and transformative life experiences. Through her book she aims to empower the lives of others by teaching self acceptance and forgiveness. Zoe wishes to continue her poetic journey and aims to inspire, guide and support people on their path of self discovery and enlightenment. One day she dreams of owning her own Holistic business abroad and intends on developing a career working with young adults within an Education setting. As a fiery Sagittarius sign she loves to live a life of freedom, creativity through expression and grattitude. She has a strong connection with animals and is powerfully able to offer psychic guidance, visualise angels and heal others through touch and sound. You can find more information about her services on her facebook page Healingsouljourney's here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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