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THE RIVER by Tina Garlick

On a fall day in Central Virginia, when the leaves were at their burnt orange stage, I wrote "The River"...

It was October of 2013 and I was feeling a little sorry for myself this particular day and sought refuge on a nearby river bank. There is an old ‘negro spiritual’ which includes the lyric, ‘gonna lay down my burden down by the riverside’, I remember singing it in church as a child. It has been my custom in adulthood to find me a river whenever the journey of life becomes a little rocky. The water renews my spirit, it gives me strength, it reminds me that life is a continuous cycle of ups and downs and we must go with the flow.

The River
by Tina Garlick

The river, 
she washes away 
the sorrow of today,
she cleanses me of the past.

To the music of the angels 
and all the birds that fly by,
she holds fast.

Just for today,
I rest my weary body 
and prepare myself
for what tomorrow will deliver.

Just for today,
I pay attention 
to the beauty of my soul 
and lay me down 
by a river.

Tina Garlick: I am a retired consultant of a major telecommunications company. I have a BS degree from Syracuse University and a MS degree from Johns Hopkins University. I was born and raised on the Lower East of Manhattan in New York City. I have one published work of poetry, A Soul Inspired. I am currently working on my sophomore literary effort (Road to Serenity). I also have a Facebook page "Tina Garlick: A Soul Inspired" based on my book.

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