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AND LOVE CAME BACK by Sophie Gregoire

Love can't be chased or sought. Love can't be prompted in our lives...

New loves come our way when we're ready for a new romantic ride. New loves come our way when we've healed, learned and risen higher than the energies and ways of our previous flames. 

New loves always come our way as a reward, a blessing, a gift -- a sign from above saying "We've seen what you've done, we've seen the work".

And when a new love comes, unexpected, to teach something new -- we start by wondering, asking ourselves if we can do it, if we're truly ready.  But love always wins, ultimately. 

And we finally give up the fight, to surrender in the unfolding unknown and embrace, once again, the mysterious path of love.

And Love Came Back
by Sophie Gregoire 

Dear lover
Thank you
This unexpected entrance 
Thank you for, 
Passing the curtains
The porters
 Of my heart.

How unsettling, 
The sudden entrance
Of a Knight,
May feel.

How unexpected.

Isn’t it ?
I would love
To rest, 
In your arms
A little longer.

A few more wooden moons
A few seasons’ shifts.

And this new me
Surprises me 
I thought
I had even said no
Whispered to Love
Not now, I’ll miss my turn “.

This surprises me, 
Of myself
I had thought
For a while
That love had forgotten about me.

I would love, 
I believe
Who knows?
To share 
A few sunny trips,
Right next to you
The light?

To read, 
Your eyes
To relate, 
Your hands
Paint your outline
With my hands

Those lines
Like most of my poet words
Will remain,
A mystery. 

As only my heart
And my green eyes,
Starting to weep
Flowery tears rolling down my cheeks,
For you
Was I expecting this?

Only them know
My heart,
My heart alone
And these green golden eyes
Your hand,
Only those know
Which lover
Which harbor
Which eyes,
We are speaking of.

Isn’t it funny,
To see
How life plays with our hearts?

To see,
That the ribbons
The silk of love,
Truly never leaves.

You see,
Dear love
I wasn’t expecting
To cross path
With you,
That soon.

What should I do
This thick
Around my chest,
Take it off.

I wonder.

Will happen
Of the two of us?

Only the way,
The way still not written,

Sophie Gregoire is often found contemplating an idea or how to explain a new concept, with a notebook and pencil in hand. She is an independent soul who loves to ponder over our world and humankind. She loves writing to transform her endless thoughts into some kind of reality and traveling both faraway and deep within her heart and mind. Sophie savors coffee, encounters, yoga and meditation, with her cat as her greatest muse. Connect with Sophie on Facebook or more about Sophie here. 

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~ 


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