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GIVE ME LOVE by Madhava Lata Dasi

It is not only the soul’s heart that aches for God. But God’s heart that also aches for the soul…

Today, on this waxing moon, beautiful festivities will unfold in India, and all around the world, where with burning fire lamps and scented flowers, incense and the beating of drums, people will congregate in the thousands singing “Radhe Radhe! Jaya Sri Radhe!” to celebrate the appearance of the Supreme Feminine Divine, known as Radha in Sanskrit.

Radha is the key to Krishna, or the Supreme Divine’s heart. She models the ultimate immersion of the soul in Divine Love. 

Radha’s pure love is so attractive that it drives God mad with longing!

Radha is characterized as one that is fully absorbed in incessantly adoring Divinity, as her name suggests, coming from the Sanskrit verb root ‘radh’, meaning: “to worship”, or “to adore”. 

Radha’s adoring love is so pure and powerful that she is celebrated for bringing God under her control, melting his heart with one of her amorous, sidelong glances. Radha's love is therefore is known as "greater than Krishna!". 

In the mood of the bhakti tradition, this poem describes Krishna longing like a madman for Radha’s love, as He tries to see Her, to get closer to Her, to clamp His eyebrows to Her eyebrows.

The Ballad of the Madman

Every night He draws a full moon for meeting You
He makes lakes of flowers to bloom
And He paints many dawns in the skies
For remembering the lotus of Your eyes

He cries: Radhe Radhe where are you?

In many dresses He comes in a disguise
As the gardener or the laundry-man wife
To touch your garments or to garland You
wanders from the ghats (ponds) to the kunds (gardens)

He calls : Radhe Radhe where are You?

Roves the roads rummaging every part
Waiting to see You walk down the path
His friends mock Him when you pass
He pales and drops His flute and sash

His voice chokes : Radhe Radhe let me see You!

The night He stands behind the tree,
keen to see His Dream unseen
when You bathe upstream, He swims
where flowers and water flow from Your skin

He despairs: Radhe Radhe where are You?

Roams restless through the groves and the lands
crying up the hill and on the river banks
Mudded and maddened, rolls in the sands,
as a Beggar of Your love and dancer in Your hands

 He pleas: Radhe Radhe give Me Your love!
~Radha's Lotus Feet in Krishna's hands~

Madhava Lata Dasi: “Though I am originally from Italy, today I live in India in the very South, in the State of Kerala where I own a small hotel named the Paradesh Inn facing the Arabian Ocean. For 6 months it is open and our customers are mostly Yogi/Yogini who retreat in this area every year for weeks of full immersion. (For video of hotel click here) I follow Bhakti Yoga and writing poems is part of my meditation on Krishna, since I draw inspiration for my poems from the many books I read about Him.  I usually publish my poems on my blog here.

~If you are interested in seeing your poetry appear in this blog, or submitting a poem by a woman that has inspired you, please click here for submission guidelines. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!~


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