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I awoke one night and began doing a Sufi practice of Remembering God. At one point I had the experience that I did not exist, so who was praying? Fear came into me with this thought and I went into my son's room, woke him up and said, "I just need to make contact real quick then you can go back to sleep." I have learned fear in this situation is a Mercy from God in that we are protected from expansions for which we are not ready. I turn to the stories of the Prophets and the teachers for inspiration and those influences usually appear in my work. Now, when I meet that place of not existing I am able to breathe into the experience with a little more grace. Opportunities to Efface My Fear In facing fear we should remind ourselves that even Prophets cannot face the Holy Fear [1] of standing before the One who causes mountains to crumble [2] . In the silence of night,                                                      

AS YOUR TIME NEARS by Vrinda Aguilera

As summer melds into fall, the weather starts to cool, days grow shorter, and the school year starts yet again. The cycles of mother earth’s seasons herald these predictable and anticipated changes. Just as the first autumnal moon of this year waxes, a major change is brought about in my life, an unpredicted and unanticipated change. A significant ending takes place, that of the passing on of my dear mother in law.  My heart grieves. As my family and I struggle to process this unexpected separation from a loved one, I am drawn inward to reflect upon the duality that exists within the human experience. I contemplate the many cycles that we all must pass through- the many beginnings and endings. Of all of these beginnings and endings, what is more poignant than those of birth and death? On the other end of the spectrum, a beginning is soon to occur in the life of someone else I know, a good friend of mine is expecting the birth of her first child

FAIR BEAUTY by Braja Sorensen

From the editor:  Today is Radhastami, or the appearance day of the Supreme Goddess, Radha, in the  Bhakti  Yoga  Tradition, celebrated by millions all around the world. Happy Radhasthami!    This poem is based of the divine qualities of Srimati Radharani, or the Supreme Feminine Divine; the Goddess, in the bhakti yoga tradition... Fair Beauty by Braja Sorensen Radhika, Queen of Vraja-dhama Replete with qualities, full of charm, Krishna’s darling, Varshana’s girl,  The reigning queen of all three worlds. O child of Varshana, fair and sweet, We pray now at Your lotus feet, One drop of bhakti please bestow, That service to You we may always know. ‘Tis sweetness she personifies,  A fresh young girl with restless eyes, Bright smiles grace her lotus face, Krishna is maddened by her taste. Sri Radha’s voice, a sweet, clear sound, Her lilting song makes His heart pound, Expert in every female art, Her love has bound Sri Krishna’s h

Everything Starts With A Seed

(From the editor: Today is the three year anniversary of the launching of this poetry project! Since then we have published nearly 1000 poems from hundreds of women from all over the world and produced two books: ' Journey of the Heart: An Anthology of Spiritual poetry by Women' and 'Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women's Poetry' . Below is the first blog I ever wrote.  At the time, I never imagined this project would grow into such a sweet and thriving sisterhood, from which so much inspiration has emerged! I am grateful and amazed at how -with just a heartfelt intention- a little seed grew into something so beautiful and unexpected. My heartfelt gratitude and love to all of you who made this possible.)  Ever since I was a child I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for poetry... My mother awoke this love in me when I was very young. She read poetry to me aloud and always encouraged me to express myself through art or poems. She even t