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DANCING GOD by Paraschiva Florescu

I wrote this poem as an offering to God...   I wrote it in a moment when I felt overflowed with gratitude and love to Krishna, or the Supreme All-attractive Personality of Godhead. During my daily mantra meditation, I felt the sound vibration of the Hare Krishna mantra - a mantra chanted in the Bhakti tradition - so strong, that I suddenly imagined God dancing on my tongue, and my body became a shiver, and my heart opened with an abundant river of love. Every time I read this poem, I imagine beautiful, dark Krishna dancing, and my soul begins dancing too.   Dancing God by Paraschiva Florescu  His name comes out in a cry   Krishna   Krishna   Krishna   my mouth rolls with anticipation   look how He dances on my tongue   how with each step He presses the soft sole   my skin rising in ecstasy   and He rolls on the edge of my heart   from His hands mercy flowing like rivers   I yearn for Him to find me   pull me up from the back of my neck  


The Soul feeds on poetry... Poetry naturally opens the door of the Soul to flood in. It’s the language towards which the rational guard of mind has no defenses. The Soul is our inherent wholeness underneath the mind chatter. Prose won’t quite get you there. You need a vehicle that is able to flow deeper.  The words of poetry, like music or dance, can carry us to the land of the sacred Soul. And that is why Soulspeak: A Map for the Journey  Home  through Exie , my forthcoming collection of poems is the exact tool that will take you in, and guide you through that mystical realm. Following our own truth isn’t some thing that can be taught. It’s only on hearing the sound of the Soul song of another, that will remind us of our own voice that is here to guide us. This is why I let my Soul speak. PILGRIM – What Would God Do? by Romana Anna Nova You may come and cry out – the God would never do that! Yeh? Watch and learn! It is the great pilgrimage of the journeying through e


I have not seen many forests in my life, but I was wonderstruck by The Black Forest in Germany... This unruly wood, where Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother lived and where the witch lured Hansel and Gretel to their gruesome end, left me with a trance-like look in my eyes. Allured to its green chaos of love. Sometimes, all we need is a little raw beauty to remind our hearts;  we are creatures of the earth and the forest. Photography by Jonna Jinton Green Leaves in my Veins My visit to The Black Forest by Marulé MacKay So come and share this waking dream with me Skip with me into a mysterious labyrinthine Feel with me Explore… Enkindle your slumbering fires *** I need to go wild I want to let go Let go of everything Rip off my clothes like a savage animal Reconnect with my primal instincts and feel new life erupting in my blood Into the depths of The Black Forest, I fall Screaming for the first time in years Danci

I AM WOMAN by Rebecca DeLeo

As my manifesto, "I AM WOMAN" unearths my journey as an intrepid goddess of flesh and blood... It is my will to nourish the seeds of goddesshood within every woman's garden. Sisters, may we always follow the omniscient pulse of our womanhood! I AM WOMAN by Rebecca DeLeo I am Mother Earth, the Creatrix. I am the Mother of the Cosmos, the High Priestess. The gateway to God lies between my towering pillars of ecstatic surrender. The scarlet brine that flows from my sap-soaked temple is an ever-nourishing spring of esoteric wisdom. My elixirs, furiously coursing through my beating temple, are the nectars of eternal life. Part the Red Sea, and dissolve into your Dark Mother. Drink from me, for I am the Fountain of Youth. Feed on my ripe fruits, for my womanhood is your source of life. Cascade into me; I am the raging inferno that ravages your ravenous soul. Lose yourself in the Womb of the World; You are mine to devour. Within me, yo

AIM OF LIFE'S RIDE by Jennifer Hillman

I wrote this poem after having some success, and then getting a slap down again... In retrospect, I saw the steps missed (details I avoided) and found the pull to truly recreate all that I am… again, by looking at the mess created and picking through what I love, and what doesn’t serve me anymore.   I woke early one morning and saying “I surrender and enough of this life!”   Allowing the changes to unfold before me, knowing where my passions in life are at this point in my journey, and knowing that I have much more I am here to do, I wrote this poem. Aim of Life’s Ride by Jennifer Hillman Life has turned underside down…again. I got the hint in variety of forms and signs: Begin Again! I only laugh and look a little deeper within Listen for the inner giggles of my inner child: within the laughter is a pure love and the light guiding me to the arrow straight direction. I aimed high and shot with the bow Now I've lost sight of where it landed Ah! S


Inspired by the experience of walking with those whose earthly lives are ending... A Song of Leaving and Returning (dedicated to those whose lives are ending) by Deborah Beach Giordano I am singing a new song to the Lord; a song that has been sung over and again throughout the earth. I am singing gently, softly; blessing God, blessing my loved ones, and blessing my life. I am singing a new song to the Lord; a song of gratitude, a song of joyful memories, a song of sorrow, a song of departure; there are no words, only music; a sweet, tender song I know quite well. I am singing a new song to the Lord; a song of rejoicing, a song of thanksgiving, a song of strength and of courage, a song of leaving and of coming home; I am singing a new song to the Lord; a song of power, of grandeur, of glorious majesty; it lifts me up: the whole world is set before me; and I see all life with brand new eyes; I am singing, softly singing, a song that only the Lord and I can hear; a song that fills