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Gently Until Morning by Caroline Mellor A poem for my son, age 5 When you were little, you had these big, enormous dreams -   like you’d wake up in the night screaming and  I’d have to hold you until morning  just to calm you down. Sometimes  you’d lie in bed for an hour after waking,  not wanting to talk to anyone, still coming round  from wherever you’d just been;  your dreams were so real  they’d stay with you all day,  as though you half-lived in this other place  where I couldn’t find you,  where I couldn’t stop bad things from happening,  more than you did in the waking world.  The night terrors stopped -  but you always had one foot in the dream world,  you were always partly not mine.  One day, when you’re grown,  I know I won’t always be able to find you,  or to stop bad things from happening.  When that day comes,  I pray the world holds you gently until morning.  Because you never were mine, really, you just came through me.   And because the world needs dreamers like you, k
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  Beacon of Peace, Bearer of Light by Carolyn Chilton Casas              ~ for lightworkers the world over Thank you for being the keeper of decency and a way pointer for us all.           I bow to the everyday kindness you humbly extend  to your fellowkind.            I feel your prayers for a bewildered world zipping through the air from all ends of the earth.                I honor the unseen work  you do for humanity  behind closed doors, bringing  wisdom to soothe confusion.                Together we unite to serve one another, and in our purpose to create a more loving place for our children  and for those yet to come.   We hold hands in a circle  across land masses and oceans— lighted candles of connection emanating from our hearts.   The good we generate  illuminates, it beckons,  it makes all the difference. Carolyn Chilton Casas   lives on the central coast of California, the perfect landscape for a love of nature, hiking, and playing beach volleyball. She is a Reiki master

YOU ARE ENOUGH by Kalindi Dinoffer

  You Are Enough By Kalindi Dinoffer   You know those days where it just feels  like everything's going wrong sideways and backwards and maybe the day is fine but you're wrong sideways and backwards like maybe you're  not enough...   Here's the thing: Even on those days You are enough Yes you just you just me just we   You don't have to do anything to prove your worth  you are always enough in the eyes of God hugging you from within   You are enough I am enough We are enough   You are loved just as you are dark crevices and all   You are enough  and you are loved even though you're not perfect  So don't run away  don't hide   Get comfy in your own skin it's a gift lean into vulnerability  lean into fear and shame lean into dark thoughts embrace them like long lost lovers   It doesn't work to hide the parts of you you'd rather not reckon with they'll be the elephant  in the room  growing bigger and bigger  until they consume you   Try invi

DAWN by Caroline Mellor

  Dawn by Caroline Mellor And when you first stepped out into the pink blush of dawn did you feel the soft, dew-soaked earth rise to kiss your feet? Did you notice the trees  breathe blessings down upon you in luminous bundles of green and gold, how every breath of woodsmoke, mist and mulch filled your lungs like a cool river? Did you feel yourself attached somehow to each fading star of night like a puppet held on threads of silver light? And when the beautiful future which you dreamed of so long  down that hard broken road finally burst over the horizon and tumbled towards you like a wave —  Were you ready to catch it? *This poem appears in the author's debut, newly released poetry collection The  Honey  in the Bones: Poems to  Rewild  the Soul ,  Golden  Dragonfly  Press, Dec. 2022. For a copy of your own , click here.   Caroline Mellor   lives in East Sussex, U.K. with her husband and two children. Her writing has featured in Braided Way, The Green Parent, Women's Spiritua

THE TUG by Catherine L. Schweig

  The Tug I remember you, rooted into the pasture, set against autumn’s breath as I walked by: your capillary arms reaching into life, bare and delicate, like morning and moss, and the soft consideration that beauty remains, even after all adornment has decayed. Yesterday, cawing winds sprinkled you with a murder of crows. Today, you beckon chirping cardinals from across the fence. The brevity of these black and red-feathered frocks hint at all those little moments that open and close  before us, like mouths of newborns asking to be nursed. Now, I want to shield you from winter, offer you milk from a warm breast, forgetting that this pause, is also necessary. I seem to forget many things these days, and wonder if I might also stand, unadorned, before cold and rain, my green gone, extended into life’s opacity with branches open—trusting I am inhabiting fields where I’m meant to be, syncopating with earth, releasing leaves  into the mist, when cold winds come tugging. (This poem first ap

RENTED BODY by Janavi Held

Editor's note: This poem has received a nomination for the 2023 Pushcart Prize:  Rented Body by Janavi Held   I live uneasily  in my rented body wondering when the surrogate season  of shadows will pass. Perishable memories ­­ I have clutched  within this rented vessel; so many forsaken treasures  slip like blinded angels  through the atoms ­­ of my rented jail. They do not land on rock; they come from my bones  like a hurricane,  as my rented flesh is uplifted  by hunger and money  as the two parts  of my soul search for eyes,  for the waterfall,  for the forget-me-nots  to thaw the frozen atmosphere of tears,  for the pale cathedral of doubt  to replace its dead shadow  with a constant heart. In my rented body I climb titanic, twisting stairs,  casting my own shadow  on the torn remnants  of these days, and mortal fibers,  I’ve torn them  from my rented heart,  those gentle atoms living as the symbol of silence,  of forever,  of the Master  of all destroyed things. ~This poem ori


EDITOR'S NOTE: Today, we offer you a poem in honor of The Transgender Day of Remembrance which is observed  annually, today, on November 20th, as a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. The day was founded in 1999 to draw attention to the continued violence endured by transgender people, and as a call to replace it with peace and compassion.     Transgender Anthem by Jennifer Wenn   Since time immemorial, revealed or hidden, self-aware or suppressed, we have been here.   Through pain, confusion and joy, tearing at contrary, shrouding shells, we have been here.   We follow paths indescribable and incredible, yearning to shine forth our extraordinary iridescence, and we are here.   We are the convention-shakers,                   mould-breakers,                      trailblazers, and we are here!   We are not an illness                      or a theory                      or a debating point; We are flesh and blood, marvellous souls and childre