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YOU ARE LOVED by Carolyn Riker

You Are Loved

Greens graciousness
witnessed the stones
where prairies parted,
lavender as the seas
of tiny humming leaves,
that clearly rang
on naked branches
and gathered me 
a sacred welcome. 

Next to a single tree
who reminded me
how the earth too is invisible,
yet incumbent in its sorcery
as tender roots recited hidden lyrics
passed along a warm spring breeze...

You are love
You are loved
You are loving

(This poem originally appeared in the author's third anthology: My Dear, Love Hasn't Forgotten You, available  here)

Carolyn (Riker) Avalani,M.A., LMHC is a licensed counselor, teacher, writer and poet. Over the last five years she has written for numerous online journals and has been in five anthologies. Her most recent book, My Dear, Love Hasn't Forgotten Youwas published in December 2019. This is Love was published June 2018. Before that she contributed and co-edited, Hidden Lights: A Collection of Truths Not Often Told, which holds 53 artists sharing their stories, poems, art and photog…
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PEACE ENTERS MY HEART by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

Peace Enters My Heart

peace enters my heart
though I have touched-
the chaos of my living,
it sometimes wears-
on my soul,
I settle inside,
the sanctuary
of the season,
it clothes me in rest-
I come to greet my day,
with love-
reaching inside,
this quiet-
winter morning-
let it move from me,
songs that echo-
peace on earth,
it is from my heart-
a beginning is birthed,
I reach-
and take your hand,
we enter into-
our holy place,
of comfort and love-
of peace and grace.

Maureen Kwiat Meshenbergis an author and a prolific poetess. She is guided by her inner soul’s journey and her empathic musings about life. Maureen’s draws from her human experiences, bringing reflective, soulful thoughts of the heart and the shifts in life’s journey to her poetry. Her most recent work includes her own Facebook page calledHeart’s Calling where she currently reaches almost 3,000 regular readers. She also has her own website here. She currently hosts a monthly  sacred creative writing circle for women using writing prompts as a mean…


Christmas Called Me In by Cheryl Anne Maris
Christmas called me in To the heart’s quieter place Away from all work and worry And the intrusion of outer images
Christmas called me in To that space where I am free From the illusion of entitlement And the laughable notion of intellectual property
Christmas called me in To the Realm of the Infant Into helplessness and crying And the universal truth of vulnerability
Christmas called me in To the Hope already born To the ending written Long before the prologue wet the page
Christmas called me in To Love Uncontainable And the sustainable peace Of Its full foregone And future surrender
Christmas called me in To the tender seeing of the Midnight Clear And the gentle hearing of the Silent Night Senses bestowed upon the lovelorn and senseless
Christmas called me in To the cradle of the defenseless The Light of the World shining On, In, and Through Eternity, You, and Me. ~

Cheryl Anne Maris: As a very young girl, I discovered the magic of turning my observations and swirling tho…

NOTE TO SELF by Sarah Carlson

Whenever you feel
 that frosty tightness,
just breathe –
 through it, with it, 
around it, within it.
Warm your wonderful waters 
 simply by beholding 
the beauty of now, 
allowing archaic agonies
to soften and drizzle away.
Recognize that
your foundation is strong,
your flow genuine.
Though some shadows remain,
trust that you will attend to them
if need be.
Celebrate the gentle peace 
that cascades  through and all around you.
Relax into your
uniquely radiant truth.
Live –
be fully alive,
 enjoy the joyous rhythms
of omnipresent love.

Sarah Carlsonhas many pieces to her whole, as most of us do. Those pieces include: mother, teacher, daughter, friend, widow, sister, skier, bicyclist, hiker, coach, drummer, and poet. Sarah lives in the western foothills of Maine where opportunities to make connections amid the splendor of the rivers, lakes and mountains are plentiful. She began writing and combining her poetry with photographs of her experiences in the natural world as part of healing from the sudd…

GAZING INTO INFINITY by Irma Aguilar-Olivas


When you gaze into a woman's eyes...
prepare to cross the threshold
into the house of her soul...
it is there, where her strength and
beauty will greet you

In the light where a thousand flowers grow
you may want to stay forever...
within the sunrise & sunset of her gaze
wrapped in the arms of her magnitude
adrift within the ancient sea of yesterdays

her eyes reveal she is of passion,
enchantment & fortitude
the place where galaxies are reawakened

set-sail-forth into the depths
of her extended amplitude
your heart will sing
in the infinity of love unshaken.

Poetess, Irma Aguilar-Olivas, is a published Author of, Whispers Of The Heart: A Book Of Poetic Musings. She is currently based in Austin, Texas. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she has been writing poetry in both languages, since childhood. Irma's writing influences are expansive, but include both the seen, and unseen mysteries of life. Recently, one of her poems was selected for publication in the boo…


So woozy with a crush of gravity is this planet that it’s not enough to embark upon a year-long courtship we call orbit; Our earth TWIRLS at drunken speed, too lovelorn to care about sobriety in its attraction to a star.
And our sun takes notice, how can it not? Earth breathes sweet leafy breath to clothe itself in bridal clouds, Reflects the sun’s shine with its expanse of ocean to say You’re beautiful like this, and, in unfathomable vulnerability, Offers up all its stories with lifetimes of human beings.
With existential mystery like this happening— actually happening— how can our souls not go
(First published May 21, 2019 at
Cricket Baker is a novelist and blogger who writes on distinguishing between the Real You and the Pretend You. After decades of love for psychology and what she calls her ‘little awakenings,’ Cricket chooses reality over any belief and easily loses herself in wonder over the existence of anything at all. She’s figur…

CHOPPY SEAS by Anita Neilson

As I can’t walk far, my husband sometimes takes me on a short trip to the coast (we only live around 20 minutes’ drive away). Sometimes I’ll want to visit one of our favorite ‘tame’ beaches where we used to walk our two dogs when they were younger. I have such beautiful memories from those trips: our black Labrador was an incredibly strong swimmer and would relish jumping over bigger and bigger waves to retrieve a tennis ball thrown in for her; the younger dog preferred to paddle along the shoreline, less confident in the deep water.  Then it would be time to go home, with the car smelling of damp dogs, snoring contentedly in the back. Simple joy that puts a smile on my face even now. I can still smell the salt air, and the damp dog in car smell; I can still see the sun glistening like diamonds on the sea; I can still hear the occasional airplane taking off from the nearby airport and heading out over the sea to America; I can taste the salt on my lips; I can feel the sand ingress thro…