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WOMAN by Ayala Zarfjian


I discovered the crow’s feet
nestled by my eyes.
I forgave them
and accepted them to be mine.
I love that they exhibit a piece of my struggle.
Days I squinted in delight,
dark nights when weeping left me drained and numb.
I questioned the veins in my hands,
pronounced and deep,
then I accepted them
for all the hard labor they had done.
Hands weathered by love given,
days from dawn to dusk,
babies they had washed,
foreheads caressed.
I watched my white strands
residing in my dark hair.
I accepted them
for their resilience and beauty.
I challenged my mind
to battle the known,
and seek the wonder of the unknown.
I challenged my soul
to rise up
and embrace the woman I have become
and embrace the life I have been given.

(This poem is an excerpt from the author's debut poetry book, Second Chances: Poetry from a Sun-Kissed Life, released May 7th, 2019, and available by clicking here.)

Ayala Zarfjian, an Israeli-born American poet, is a mother, grandmother, survivor, and a lover of life. When Ayala is not wri…
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OF JOY by Surinder Prem Kaur

Of Joy

Blessed gift I hold, of Joy to write with conscious breath and inner light.  Peace of body, mind, and soul complete,  hear in awe grandmother’s heartbeat. Stillness in internal bliss,  calm within, nothing amiss. Presence of the masters known - Gracious God, behold your throne.  Creation, beauty, earth and sky;  that we bear witness, sanctify. Words cannot truly capture our gift of senses. Be in rapture.  Grateful for each bare sole touch on sacred ground – it means so much.

Surinder Prem Kaur is an identical twin, single mom and heart-centered yogi. She feels called to write poetry when her heart is open and she allows stillness to be her anchor. This space is where she feels the divine music. Lover of the earth, the ocean, trees and sky, and all beings, Surinder Prem desires to walk peacefully on her path, welcoming all with harmlessness and compassion.

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That Feeling That Comes With a Loss...

The feeling that comes with a loss,
that this hole, this gaping absence
swallows, too, all that still remains,
so that the fragile balance whispers
its soulful last, before trailing away ...
and what then, is the work of recovery,
when you feel now, between worlds,
pieces of you bound to the departed,
where in the moment you'd rather be,
with its borders dissolved in the dark,
like you have entered your own dreams,
which no longer end, which relieves you.
But then, you sigh, or gasp, or choke,
and you are brought back to your body,
battered and fragile, broken in places,
but here, where you've always breathed,
where love first came to dance with you.
Here, from where the glory feelings arise,
here, from where all that you love leaves.
Bound to yourself, to your shaky breath
where all the promises can be fulfilled,
where, one staggered breath at at a time,
you can fill your body with everything
that exists around you, you can choose
what and how to be here, while …

LOVE OF SEVEN MILES by Seamus Lowell

Love of Seven Miles

Where the giant left a footstep Carved deeply into the ground Leaving a trace of an ocean Cradling the immense water You’re on one side, I’m on the other But I can hear your heartbeat
Where the ancient oaks grew roots Feeding from the soil Through the rustling leaves That tell a thousand stories I can hear your longing sigh
Where the moss grew a bed For fairies to sleep Where they play joyfully With tinkling laughter, clapping hands I can hear your whisper
Where swans glide on the surface Of crystal lakes They make gentle winds with their wings And I can hear it blowing every lock of your hair
Where the desert sand chooses to fly And paints the air red And makes it hard to breathe I can hear the blink of your eye
Where the cave’s darkness Swallows the light And only fireflies light the world I can hear you smile as you think of me
Where there’s an army of people Disappointed with love Chanting sorrow and pain I can hear you throw a kiss without a sound
For you’re my only true love Seven miles or se…

DEEPLY by Megan Gogoll


I want to let go. I want to run from societal constraints and smash the glass ceiling. I want to live barefoot in the forest, amongst the trees, and become Goddess.. I want to Breathe. Deeply So very deeply
Inhale down to my nether regions, Hold it. This moment. Right here. Exhale.
I am grasping in a home with so many screens and walls and dejection. I need to uncover myself.. Be stripped bare, be naked. In the sea. In the moonlight. Feel the Earth under my feet, in between my toes, Grounded. Grounded and connected. To light, to being.
I want to weep on my knees with the exquisite ache that resides in my heart. It is heavy. Heavy and full with love and gratitude, and masochistic tethers. Am I tied to, or tied down?
I want to shatter them, break them, rip them from the ground and run, Sprint. Breathe. Deeply So very deeply
My wings are dark and excruciating, They are desperate to expand. To soar and be seen. I revel with the lucid, the ecstasy, the benevolent unknown.
Like dipping a toe into the sea, I am ready …

EARTH ANGELS by Krista Angelique

Earth Angels

I have witnessed, Earth Angels.
They different forms.  Sometimes, secretly.
Sometimes,  Loud and proud, like Mom. 
Like ones, in Colorado. 
Where mountains,  The lack of air, Where I look upon  The grace of being alone,  And also, Filled  In company,  Where I look at prairie dogs, bunnies, And hear owls singing to me,  Where I walk out and feel, Supported. 
Where, love truly is alive.  Where life surrounds me, Rather than money,  rather than emptiness. Rather than pain.
Tonight,  I lie pondering it all.  Dogs above my head, At my feet, With no harsh words, With a promise, That dance,

Cardinals by Krista Angelique

This poem arrived out of spirit, upon taking care of my mother as she took her final breath...
I cared for Mother with the help of hospice, in her home, where she wished to pass into spirit. We administered morphine to ease the pain as her body struggled in letting go. My mother and I shared this most tender and sacred time of departure in one’s life, crossing every bridge together, till her last breath, with my cradling her body, and holding her hand just as she had asked me to do. This poem is about Mother's animal spirit, the cardinal.
In Shamanism, it is said,  When a cardinal visits  It is someone from heaven Stopping by to say hello.  They appear in one’s life When they are in a time of despair, And also in times of celebration. 
When my mother took her last breath I already knew the cardinals would visit. The cardinal was her animal spirit And she loved their singing As she, too, sang beautifully. 
A dear person, Shortly after her death, Found a cardinal feather.  He gifted it to m…