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POEMS ON FEAR AND FAITH by Carolyn Chilton Casas

How Not to Take in Fear   Find a quiet path to walk alone. See how ocean waves roll with the pull of a capricious moon, and the ancient oak holds ground in a thrashing wind. Fling praise up to vultures  circling overhead. Bow like nature to the coin tosses of circumstance.   Consider a tree for a confidante.  If the journey leads to water,  count on faith to help you  swim safely to the far shore. Climbing a tall mountain  is a great remedy for fear;  stride upward until you feel  the generosity of Mother Earth.  New muscles will evolve gently,  proving you are stronger than any fear. How to Know Faith   Before you can know faith,  you must bear a message that knocks you to your knees,   endure a shock that takes breath away, like diving into raging ocean  waves on an icy winter’s day,   although the blow may bring  a blessed numbing, amputating  most sensation left within,   time will melt this fleeting shield  forcing you to make your way  toward the inconvenient truth;    then, bene
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Editors note : Today, in celebration of International Women's Day , we honor the expressed voices of women all around the world, which are so very  valuable. We also honor the unexpressed voices of women, which are equally valuable, and which we long to hear. The following is a poem on these hidden voices, offered to us by Tracie Nichols, who facilitates workshops designed to help women release their voices. Journey of the Heart is giving away three of these workshop sessions today, in honor of all women struggling to share their voices. Now, some words from Tracie:  Most of my life I've been exploring human and wild nature through words, making sense of this intriguing, sometimes overwhelming world we live in. Writing, especially writing poetry, helps me uncover... the truth of who I am. I know first-hand that writing poetry is a life-changing practice, that's why I facilitate writing workshops and groups for women, now. We all deserve the chance to transform the way we th


A glimpse of spring   shy blue morning black trees etch sky   children skipping over puddles   bramble on snow soft birdsong   listening to water race downstream   winds gently kiss my forehead   grass shoots push through first thaw Joan McNerney :   Joan's poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days.  Four Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Journals, and numerous Poets' Espresso Reviews have accepted her work.  She has four Best of the Net nominations.  Her latest title is  The Muse in Miniature ,  available on  and *For submission guidelines,  click here. *

WHOLE by Ana Lisa de Jong

Whole Could it be we each are branches of the one tree? That love is the sap connecting us. That leaf by leaf we are woven as thread into the other, that there is no standalone limb that is not fused somehow into the trunk, and has its anchoring piece. And that the wholeness we seek is both the fullness of the body of the tree, and the completeness of our own individuality shining as a mirror, looking similar but with our points of difference, that together we might make an entirety - our own longings just the shape of ourselves reflected in the other. And to come home to ourselves is something like smiling in the dark across the embers of a fire into another's eyes, skin, face. glowing with the same heat as the dance of flame, and knowing that this countenance that shines is also our own back reflected. Akin in the way that we are all fronds of the same genus of tree, the same plant that lifts its arms, and drops its foliage, each leaf and limb through which the sap runs in spring


  Bellis Perennis   While she sleeps Under the watchful eyes of the sky.   A push of daisies under her pillow Chains of dreams wrap her heart While they float so high Her face, so peaceful Her eyes, sleepy shut.   Splashes of crystal-clear waterfall Splash down her cheeks Crashing on the structure of her face.   A dream of warmth Of Mother Nature A woman she truly loves.   A spring of life in her heart Blossom so fresh She looks so happy So peaceful As she enjoys her rest.   While she sleeps Under the watchful eyes of the sky. Amanda Jane (West Yorkshire, England) is a woman of nature she enjoys getting lost in the world and admiring its beauty, she loves listening to the birds tweet their song and listening to the buzz of the bee. Her true love is the major oak. She likes to imagine its visitors of the past and often wonders about the wrinkles of its bark. she loves admiring their offering to the planet. She believes that we should all be as wild and free as the sea while letting the


Notes on a Pandemic   What stories shall we tell    past knotted fear:   Of touching without flesh of Winter-seeded faith of viral music trumpeting    imagine all the people of hands sounding gratitude of words looped over metered space      threading a collective of parked tyres, dusty tarmac;   the exhaling earth the constancy of sun a pink crescent moon the usual light on        all our faces (Click play below to hear the author recite "Notes on a Pandemic")  . Susan Waters is a poet and contributor to  The Forgiveness Project , that shares stories of forgiveness in order to build hope, empathy and understanding. Susan has self published her first collection of poems  The Welcoming Table . A new venture, an audio/visual presentation of her poem  Notes on a Pandemic  is available on YouTube.   *For submission guidelines,  click here

DEAR ONE, WHENEVER YOU ARE ABLE by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Dear one, whenever you are able   try to be kind and open, play like a child, smile and laugh a lot,   contemplate the forest, breathe in the scent of the sea, be conscious of love  in its many forms,   welcome suggestions  from beyond, gently release your fears and the desire to control  the ebb and flow,   feel life in its totality, accept all paths traveled, forgive hurts held on to,   allow your energy to uplift, be thankful for blessings received,   remember the remarkable being and body of light that you are. (This poem first appeared in Our  Shared Breath , the author's debut poetry collection)  Elena Shumilova Carolyn Chilton Casas   is a Reiki Master and teacher, a student of metaphysics and philosophy. Her favorite themes for writing are healing, wellness, awareness, and the spiritual journey. Carolyn's articles and poems have appeared in  Energy ,  Mujer Holística ,  Odyssey, Reiki News Magazine, The Art of Healing  and in other publications. You can read more of he