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ON THIS BLUE MOON by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

I have always been moved by the cycles of the Moon… I honor her presence as she shines in our sky with her brilliance again; always grateful for her beauty and light.    This Poem is dedicated to the voices of women. Especially the women who allowed their stories to grace the pages of our new poetry anthology: Where Journey’s Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry released today.   ( available here ) Being a part of this very moving project, uniting with women through the remarkable efforts of Catherine Ghosh , has moved me to continue to write, allowing my poetry to reach across the world. With our words we allow the movement of our souls to reach out and touch yours. Our powerful and passionate voices of poetic expression come to you in the written word today. May they touch you deeply! On this Blue Moon I honor the light of my sisters' voices bursting through the dark as our light unites with yours. On This Blue Moon by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg on this bl

ALBATROSS by Anita Brown

Try writing a farewell letter… When you notice a desire for something that you are certain is no longer FOR YOU (it can be an old friendship, flame, attachment or addiction...because you've already seen how it does not produce life-giving, soul-filling results), try writing it a farewell letter. Then move the energy in your body by dancing, running, practicing yoga, chanting, singing—jump up and down and just shout for goodness sake!!!  Be rid of the 'thing' to make space for all the love and goodness coming your way. This is my ode to what rose up in me when I did this, wanting me to put some energy back into what was already dead. Albatross by Anita Brown old, pitiful bird holding on for dear life pry talons from imaginary, floating bars let her fall...
no, catch her! riven, restless laid bare, broken bits  revealing fragile bones of wide-winged  maritime traveler misshapen heart stony pit in belly devoured satanic, garbage

LOVE IS by Ulli Stanway

This morning I woke up with my heart light as a feather… I thought of my first love and felt so grateful for all the wonderful experiences I was given through love. There were butterflies and tears followed by passion and heartbreak. I have enjoyed the whole spectrum of love, even if often I only understood it many years after. Love has been, is and always will be my favorite teacher. My heart will always be open…to love. “There is love in your body but you can't hold it in It pours from your eyes and spills from your skin Tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks And the kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts ”  Florence & The Machine Love is by Ulli Stanway We all need love We seek out the one to complete us Our perfect soul mate We crave those butterflies of love’s first kiss And the first time our bodies embrace each other Along the way we so often forget who we are We change for another’s fulfillment We leave our ow


 Sometimes it is the courageous voice of another woman; …another poet, that inspires me to open once again, to respond to the call of the voice of the woman; the poet, who is my own soul. Such is the case today, and I am thankful.      It can be a harrowing thing to encounter the truth and power abiding in one's own being, especially for a woman who has taken on board many external messages which seek to silence that truth and diminish, or even altogether destroy that power. But if courage can be gathered to touch that Sacred Space; to dare speak the Name which bears the Deepest Voice of Soul, then She Who Dwells Within may grant us true peace and rest, as She carries us through every fear and trial until we become Her; the Fullness of Ourselves.  She Who Dwells Within by Brigid Clare Oak  I spoke Her Name aloud today; the Old One inside, Who, even now, is Where I Am Going. And in my speaking, Strength rose up, Grace poured down, Wisdom wrapped

WHEN ALL THAT MATTERS by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

I have been holding my morning mediation for almost 5 years now... It transitions as I transition. There are many things I bring to this sacred space, but one thing remains the same: I allow this space to release words from inside of me through writing.  When I am centered and in the presence of silent waiting, this is what I feel: My thoughts are pulled from me, and I am brought to hold all of it in the breath of now. Pictured is the author, Maureen When All That Matters  by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg when all that matters, is pulled from out of you- laid before you with eyes seeing, beholding the vision of it- the belonging it brings, more than memory or- thought or reason, it is clear as the silver- reflecting water in a pool, as it reflects who you are- silently rising to meet, the cloudless sky, earth and air merging into- one quiet pause, for the rest all falls away- when the silence beckons, you to be still- and you take it


I’ve long been fascinated with the role and myth of The Storyteller… As a storyteller myself, I am always looking for the perfect words, the perfect formulations, in hopes of capturing the imagination and tugging at all the warmest places in the heart. Like all pursuits, there is really no final destination, but rather, constant, diligent and impassioned work, and the awareness that there is really no ultimate and perfect story to be told: there are, instead, the many stories that can and do tell, in infinite variations, along the way in this beautiful journey of life and communion. With this poem, I simply want to express what it is I am trying to do as a storyteller, as I imagine the recipient on the other end, as we both reach out in search of connection. Pictured is the author, Tammy T. Stone The Storyteller   by Tammy T. Stone I would like to tell you a story on a cool, rainy night as you sit inside, on your love-worn sofa, covered in warm blankets