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A million sweet dreams When did we learn to hide our exuberance and hold our passions in? The world will not  become more quiet through our indifference. The sun knows its way without having to find it and bestows life upon us with ease and great strength. When I look at the sun, I see a million sweet dreams swimming in a yellow sea with the power to vibrate themselves into the thread of our momentary lives. The garden that feeds us maintains a whole realm of  rich and verdant mystery. The trees that line city streets shorn for convenience still stand, still guard  our stories generations deep with great vigilance,  bearing the marks of their compassion so that we may learn patience, and new ways of learning. The time is now –  we need our communions, our shared vision of hope, and the world has never stopped listening. Let us seek guidance from those who know what it means to guide us, and let us listen, wit