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DIVINE LOVE by Vidya Chetan

I was thinking about this month of February as a special month for many who celebrate love , and of the   freshness and brilliance this time of year brings to one's life. ❤️ But when I think of love, my thoughts always go towards the Divine: my Lord Krishna . I believe there is nothing more precious in this world than the divine love he bestows upon me. My mind and heart are filled with love for Him   more than anyone. I penned down this poem just to express my feelings towards him, for I believe that God’s love is incomparable, unrivaled, unique, exceptional and precious than anything in this world. Divine Love  Vidya Chetan O, my Lord Krishna!  I bow down to your lotus feet, which give me an immense sensation of tranquility, calming my soul deep within. Whatever outer turmoil or chaos I face evaporates before your smiling face  instantly releasing me from agony.  You lift me when I am depressed and grant me courage to face the world. I overlook difficult surr


Big Dreams in Black and White Marulé MacKay She opens one of her writing journals. A present from a sunbeam friend. Pages sprinkled with colourful confetti stars. Discoveries of glitter surprises and smiles—all around. She starts to write these pages alive with love. The happiness of the bright, and the darkness of the night. On rainy days, sometimes sunny, she wonders if she has fallen into a pot of honey—too sticky to get out? these…   numb days     vibrant skies       sad minutes         angel eyes           dark circles             golden shores               lost souls                 beauty wars tired of grey tired of rhymes tired of long goodbye’s tired of games tired of the mundane tired of everything remaining the same tired of hot-and-cold affections tired of connection infections she wants to swoop him into aliveness with a child’s candid kisses poison herself with his fears and give birth to all his wishes