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FEED MY SHEEP by Anita Brown

If you saw author Paulo Coelho on Oprah soul series you will know from whence my inspiration came!! I thoroughly enjoyed his amazing life story and slept like a rock until I was awakened at 5 a.m. to pen the following.  It flowed from me as I acknowledged my confidence arising in the blessing I have to share using my voice.  We all have the ability to genuinely encourage and hold one another up.  May we recognize how deeply our own hearts are filled each time we offer a kindness to another. Feed My Sheep speak truth into the hearts and minds and ears of your fellow man feed him the living bread of life with your words his ears will devour this very provision like a hungry wolf waiting in the dark, wooded corner of his soul he will chew and chew and chew on your offering until all at once it will fill him to overflowing, his mouth spewing the prized excess he will know that this very sustenance shall abide in him all the rest o

LIFE THAT KNOWS by Helene Rose

Once upon a time (I like fairy tales and stories in general), my voice was stifled… It did not flow freely. I was unable to access my feelings or express my emotions. I wasn’t sure who I was or what I was doing here. I admit I am far from perfect. In fact, I still work on it everyday. Everyday I am challenged to dig deeper within myself, to express even more clearly and articulately. Everyday I am challenged to become more aware of myself and face my struggles. Walking the path of deep self-awareness is no easy undertaking. I’ve wanted to step away from this life. It has been that difficult. And one of the most incredibly healing and supportive things that I have done for myself is seek out women who are on a similar path. I feel strongly that women need to support one another and be witnessed by one another. I also feel strongly that writing is one pathway to creating the lives of our dreams. Every authentic voice is needed before our world can truly be a place of complet

WHOLE by Alise Versella

My second poetry book, Onion Heart was very personal to write... I go back and reread these poems and I’m taken back to another life, I was a different person. It’s funny how someone can do that to you, take what you thought you knew and shred it.  But through these words often dark, I came out on the other side of that tunnel and into the light. I reclaimed the broken bits of myself. And that’s what I love about this poem, no matter the pain another can cause you, the heart bounces back. You bounce back. However broken you become you are still capable of being whole. Whole It only hurts if I let it If I suffer silently soon this too will pass And from my pain the aftermath is always beauty From my pain come a million and one lightning bugs Sparkling like stars spread out against the night I only feel the hunger until I let it subside My desire stemming from loneliness My passion whips around like a fire Out of control Come appease it just to tease it

I'M NOT AFRAID by Jackie VanCampen

 I wrote this poem after having gone through an intense voyage within...  It was a time when my soul was calling out to me to take that final dive into cleansing me of what no longer serves me, and a request for me to step into the dark energy that most are afraid of. It’s not the dark as in negative, but the dark from which one is rebirthed. It’s that fiery, passionate, feminine place of where the Goddess resides.  I had to go through a period of deep confusion in order to begin to understand who I am, who I’m here to be, and who I’m here to serve. Once I let go and allowed myself to be gently guided, I was able to finally arise as the woman I truly am - unafraid. I'm Not Afraid I'm not afraid To enter the darkness of my soul I'm not afraid Of my soul's desire for freedom I'm not afraid To explore the dark parts of myself I'm not afraid Of my passion My desires My fire My womanhood The Priestess Goddess within me I&


This poem flowed through me...  It emerged after competing a 5 day intensive Tennyoga course with Charlotta Martinus of Universal Yoga earlier this year. It was an amazing experience: Something was awoken within me! The poem embodies the experience… Dreams of Sleep Our body is a boat on the sea of dreams The choppy ebb and flow, created by breath, As we toss and turn on the inhale and exhale In search of the shores of sleep… And the exhale movement brings shores into view Of safe harbours, quiet places, to relax and renew, So our inner selves release the boat and the sail, Replaced by meadows, butterflies and gentler things And for a few moments the green grass is still… Until the gentler whisper of gossamer wings Brings our self back to the sea of dreams, Our bodies a boat - our mind is the sail, Steer it well through life’s tides, and occasional swells… And if the crest of the wave breaks overhead