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Sometimes, I feel myself fighting a battle between the light and darkness within me… It's as if there I struggle with selfish desires on one side, against divine, pure love on the other. When I feel this stirring within me, I call upon the Goddess, the Divine Mother, to help me with this fight. Though I sense that it all boils down to my own willpower: to resist that within me that is of lower states: darkness.  Because, sometimes I find, that if I don't look deeper, the dark love looks sweet and inviting, but only brings bitterness in its wake, and as its consequence separation and destruction. Sometimes this fight with darkness brings out despair, and I feel like giving up. But there seems to be a faith, or a hope, in my heart that I can tap into, and that puts me on my feet again. It is a sacred process, which I find to be extremely empowering and inspiring: the quest to find and cultivate within myself the pure, chaste love of divine origin. The Fire

DAWN by Vidya Chetan

I feel that dawn is the finest time to do anything… As such, I start my day at dawn with prayer, and reflections into my inner self, which really calm my mind and fill me with resilience with which to face the rest of the day. Quietness experienced at dawn cannot be conveyed in any way. I experince dawn as the most divine time. As the sun rises dazzlingly each day, I feel myself filled with the same vitality. Reflecting on such thoughts, I start my day with the name of God. The serenity and harmony I feel at dawn cannot be paralleled with any artificial, external luxuries. I feel that Nature looks upon dawn and dusk as the paramount time of the day. I’ve found that by meditating and contemplating on our thoughts at the start of each day enables us to forget our sorrows and strains. The tranquillity attained through this practice inspires me to dwell on my inner self and be more spiritually aware of my soul. Dawn by Vidya Chetan As day begins—divine moment of the en

THE CANDLE OF THE HEART by Sophie Gregoire

We tend to think that love is a shelter or a comfort zone - that it won't directly require growth or personal work from us... We tend to think that if love is kind, love will accept us simply as we are, that it won't trigger our hearts, will never destabilize our energies and our ways. But this isn't True Love's signature --- this isn't what Sacred Partners enter our lives for. True love wants all of us: it wants us to take our armors off, that we may be vulnerable, honest and raw. It wants us to speak our truth, to be scared sometimes but open our hearts anyway. It wants us to feel all of what love means, heal it all --- and escalate slowly, at our own pace, the mountain of love.  Climb the moutain and reach its top one day: the summit of Unconditional Love. The Candle of The Heart by Sophie Gregoire Open your hearts ladies, Open your hearts soldiers. That's what we thought But Love never was about feeling safe. It n

LOVE CALLS by Zoe Michael

This poem is a personal representation of a twin flame relationship... Verse by verse the words express the writer's emotional, spiritual and soulful expression in uniting with a twin flame energy and this reflects the journey they entail together. It beautifully explores the voice of the ego and the higher self when faced with a situation of the heart, which requires either total release and letting go or total surrender to the hearts desire.  The writer embodies the goddess and the divine feminine. She begins the journey with her twin flame being overwhelmed by ego attached feelings of fear, doubt and judgement. As the poem continues, we learn of her ability to accept her twin flame just the way he is as she opens her heart and delves into her heart space. Her nature to surrender, ability to accept and love with no expectations or judgements and her spiritual awareness shift her into a high vibrational state of pure love.  The masculine divine within the poem embodie


People will love us, and their love will challenge us... People will disappoint us and we will become bitter towards them. People will fail loving us and we will also fail to forgive them. We will love and our love will be distorted. Then, we will love again, and moving through love we will meet many obstacles that may ruin all we ever built.  Love will love us but it will also shake us off. Love will pierce our hearts as if an arrow, for when it creates pain within us, it transforms us. There are people in our lives who seem to know well how to push our buttons. We try to avoid them or change them. Why would we do that? Because we are so scared to look at those invisible wounds that dwell in our psyche. Wounds we have locked decades ago inside the inner basement of our hearts.  Don’t remove yourself from pain when your wounds are being pressed upon. Be grateful instead that now you are becoming more aware of them, so the process of healing can start in you. Trust those


Written one frosty winter morning when feeling incredibly romantic... I was supposed to be getting ready but my soul had other plans. So words flowed through my finger tips, as I dreamt of my man, and a call to the Beloved, to Adventuring in Love emerged! I offer it to each of you today, on Valentine's Day!  Adventuring in Love by Lauren Love    I want to explore the world with you, and make love under a blanket of stars, to wake up nestled in your warm arms, watching the sun rise for a brand new day. I want to know I'm safe with you;  that our love is our fierce protection. I want to love you with the entirety of my being:  Love you with my body, heart, mind and soul. To cherish you and hold you, whether you're rising or falling,  I'll be there through it all.  I want to inspire you to live your dreams and to blossom into the greatness of who you came here to be.  I want to explore, have fun, be childlike and play together, like wo