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CIRCLE OF ELDERS by Tammy Stone Takahashi

circle of elders  that time love took over the sky miracles took hold in the heart and seeds of joy sprouted at just the right moment, as we, who feel sorrow and despair so deeply, knew it would - we'd stopped searching where joy could not be found, and took to the temple of our bodies, where, within every cell, and every blood-filled route to the very heart of being, the sacred gathers like a circle of elders holding hands and chanting the songs of our salvation, and our storied continuance. Photo by the author Tammy Stone Takahashi  is the author of Yoga Healing Love . A writer, poet, photographer and student of life. Her short stories and poems have been widely published and anthologized and she has worked on several anthologies as co-editor. Her published works include a book of photography, "Tag it! Toronto: A City's Imagination Revolution" (2009), and the poetry collections  Formation: Along the Ganges and Back Again   (2015),   Little Poems for Big Seasons  (2