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A LEAF by Ana Lisa de Jong

  A Leaf by Ana Lisa de Jong In the universe there is a small leaf floating. It might seem alone amongst the myriad of stars, the dark expanse, the circling solar winds. But on the leaf's surface is a small world floating. Minuscule and intricate,  a little universe in a nutshell. And in this minute universe there are countless forests leading back,  path upon path into eternity. And many more leaves than there are trees.  And each leaf afloat  upon the autumn gusts, a singular world enclosed,  and encircled too by solar winds  and planets,  and stars bright as pin pricks,  luminous  in the darkness. Yes, in this universe within a universe,  within a revolving eternity, there is a small leaf floating, and not as alone as it seems,  the dark night  a deep bassinet,  the solar winds its gentle rocking.  As the Holy One  moving across waters, and carrying us each,  light as we are,  feathers upon God's breath. Living Tree Poetry (October 2021)   Ana Lisa de Jong  a poet and inspi

OCTOBER by Grace M. Callan

  Our Aunt Grace, Grace Lillian MacKenzie Callan (1916-2004), began to write poetry and musings, and to paint, as a young girl… As a young woman, she was quarantined in a hospital for an extended stay due to having contracted tuberculosis while a nursing student.  Grace found beauty in her solitude, and her art began to emerge in the form of lonely seascapes and poignant love poems. She continued to write well into her eighties. When our beloved Aunt grace passed away, cousins Valerie and Garnet found her poems and writings scattered over the three floors of her home in Victoria, British Columbia, in every nook and cranny, on paper, shopping lists, napkins—everywhere! Aunt Grace wrote that she wanted her poems published, and that her hope was: "…to help others to enjoy, or to aid in their efforts to write to others in the name of sympathy or encouragement."  This is a poem Aunt Grace wrote in the fall of 1946. She would have been delighted to know that it has been included he


  Merging With The Divine by Beata Gorska Oh mother, I hear your calling, I hear you loud and clear. You laid a path before my eyes So I can just be still.   I let go of the need to know, I let go of the “how,” I follow what you have for me In the eternal now.   Your truth is here right where I am: We are becoming one. As I surrender who I thought I was I merge with the divine   There is nothing here that isn’t me- No judgement of it all. I just accept being with you As human and as soul. Photography  by Lucas Pezeta Beata Gorska : My name is Beata, originally from Poland, I now live in Milton Keynes, UK. I am a Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Healer, Poet and Writer. I am passionate about human mind, growth, expansion and our infinite potential. I love reading books, walking barefoot in nature,  hugging  trees and swimming in wild waters. My self discovery journey was initiated by reading a book about the subconscious mind, over 5 years ago. As I started practicing medit

THE MOUNTAIN by Carolyn Chilton Casas

  The Mountain          by Carolyn Chilton Casas              –after "god of the green door come" by Nan Seymour   Impatient god of the revolving door, help me to scale the mountain  of worldly confusion toward hope.   God of innocent deer lying   under orchard trees, of lizards scurrying nervously  on the garden wall, of owls hooting out their  cautionary tales, protect us all.   God of the pandemic and politics, did we not appreciate enough our precious incarnation? Are these warnings given  to alter the manner  we tread upon our earth? Signs,  sent for our awakening?   God of the whales,  tails breaching beyond the waves and of a crimson sun landing gently on water,   you loved us into being, you cried contagion, you lamented corruption, and yet, we have been oblivious, unyielding to your call.    God of the revolving door, we are stuck running in circles. Please show us the way out.   See me with clasped hands over heart,  kneeling at the altar, praying to you now. Caroly

HEARTH OF MY HEART by Avellina Balestri

Hearth of My Heart By Avellina Balestri   Home is calling Tugging at the heart Piercing it through Like a fisherman’s hook Like a net cast breaking The skin of the sea I’m being called home To the place of belonging Where the turf fire burns And the cauldron boils Where the grail overflows And time is undone   Find me a thin place Where water kisses land Where the seals sing And the salmon swim Let my bowl be filled With nuts and apples And pour me spiced wine From the warrior’s horn Nine maidens to guard my sleep Nine virtues to guide my path   Blessings on your door posts And your crosses of Brighid Welcoming the weary traveler With a circle cast about me A star of elements and wounds Bring bright blessings, old and new Of earth and water, fire and air And the blood of God Love’s royal wine Drinking deeply Souls bound fast   Let the winds roar O circle me round! I shall find the forest queen Woodland fae turned Nazareth’s maid And the bird’s song will sever time And I will birth the

LESSON IN STARS by Joy Sheridan

Lesson in Stars   by Joy Sheridan The moon, as I observed,  Was of that peculiar hazed definition –  Like a palm swollen from the twilight gauze  Of that September night.   Veils and scarves in clouds, and my own faint sighs  Moved about her.   That rectangle of earth  Was busy with the stillness of all who paused  Before entering such an edifice – as though  There was a tuck needed here, a straightening there  As though deep breaths were taken.  I knew the feeling only too well,  A beating heart which echoed like a moth  Inside the tenting of my frame.  This same body moved, and with precise soundings  Carried me more courageously  Than I would have considered possible.  I rose up the stairs, passing the flights  Where my fancy had erstwhile  Gone ahead of me – continuing up,  Nearer to the stars.  My introduction was of some classical denomination,  My meantime partways looked down  Through the roof which over your head  Separated you from me – I know that you felt me  As surely as I

FIELD OF POPPIES by Eva Marie Cagley

Field of Poppies       by Eva Marie Cagley  I remember when you were mine, Another place, another time. Walking through the meadow we were, gathering up scarlet poppies. Dancing in the cool velvety breeze, still brings me to my wobbling knees. We gazed upon that pure white shooting star, the one that came so far. And made our vows to each other then, we`d be as one from here on in. I heard a nightingale sing a melody that became our song. In our hearts we knew that we belonged, within each other’s arms. Oh, how sweet the music to my ears, as we grew old throughout the years. We walked that meadow many a time, listening for our song, as we hummed along. Until one day I walked alone, gazing upwards into the indigo night. Searching for the brightest star. I saw you from afar. ‘Twas then I did hear our song and I swear you hummed along. Comforted now in knowing, I could always find you in our meadow of scarlet poppies. Dancing and humming our nightingale’s sweet song. Eva Marie Cagley   wa