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GO SWIFTLY NOW by Anita Neilson

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK… I occasionally have tinges of sadness around Mother’s Day as I was not blessed with children this time around, when it seems that “everyone else” around me is receiving cards, flowers, gifts, breakfast in bed, and hugs and kisses from children and grand-children.   Once upon a time, however, in my early twenties, I was briefly pregnant. Some people believe that we can still be connected energetically with this other soul throughout our lives unless and until we release this soul. This is exactly what I did recently at a healing session. I was overwhelmed by the surge of emotion and loss, which unexpectedly took me over. It caught me by surprise, as I hadn’t given this event a second thought since it happened so many years ago. So I wrote the following poem about it, as I also reminded myself of all the blessings I have in my life. And comforted myself with the thought that I am learning newer and newer lessons every day. Go Swiftl


On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College to become our President-Elect, at the absolute shock of most of the country... The same day, a person close to me, who I have always loved dearly, experienced a bit of a break with reality. The cracks I saw forming in my friend’s life with those closest to them mirrored the chasms forming in our ever more polarizing nation. I had just recently become a mother, and all of the tension in my friend’s life and the nation made my mind spin over the world my daughter had just been born into. I imagined Lady Liberty as a kind of mother to us, and how she might react, unable to believe the country she had watched over so long changing in ways she could not grasp. Mother Liberty by CLS Ferguson Mother Liberty has lost her mind There's something infiltrating the system in her brain that usually separates right and wrong, logic and farce Right around where so many have tread, at the front of her head, be

SPRING by Janavi Held

(Editor's note: The following was composed by my late friend, Janavi, who passed away in 2018.  Her work has been memorialized in a website which includes an annual micro-grant in her name. Click  here  to visit it.) When I was a child I lived in the Garden State of New Jersey... Our home had gardens on all sides and a large compost pile in the back yard next to the vegetable garden. This process of composting was magical to my young eyes. Heat arises breaking down of old forms. Beautiful dark earth hides deep beneath the layers of ice and snow. As the melting begins it reveals a nourishing tool for planting new life.   As spring arrives the sky opens, the air warms, bits of green on tips of branches search for the sun, and early flowers emerge from the moist dirt.   Transformation is in the air as the composting of the winter unfolds her gifts.   I seek transformation and the gifts that trail behind me as I emerge from a Dark Night of the Soul. I watch as those gif

THAT WOMAN by Nanci Bern

People judge each other. That is just a fact... It doesn’t happen every day, and often those who judge don’t mean to, but when judgement happens it is cruel and it burns.  I do not have children, and cat lady jokes aside, I sometimes don’t know which hurts more: not having a child or the responses I receive from others when they find out. Some are wildly verbal and others awkwardly silent, but they both hurt.  While not everyone wants children, for those of us who did but never had any, there is a hurt within that is rarely allowed to be expressed in safety. So we turn to other forms of creation to sooth our  hearts. This poem is such a soothing creation for me.  That Woman by Nanci Bern Not being that woman: The rush of heart stream swooping over the blood of birth I have not felt that, Not being that woman: My body does not recall the urge of time pushing flesh. I have not known that. Not being that woman: The stretch of mucus that is a chor


It is a Season of rebirth and renewed delight... Inspired by a walk in late evening, as the glorious full moon lighted the sky and the earth and the bright stars were gathered together in celestial choirs. I experienced a resurgence of joy: hope, possibility, renewal.  The Morning Stars Sang Together by Deborah Beach Giordano "Were you there when the morning stars sang together and the angels shouted with delight?"  ~ Job 38:7~ The morning stars sang together in unrestrained ecstasy at the glory of being — simply being, and it was from this joy that the light blazed forth, illuminating the night; a brilliant radiance shining from their innermost being banished the darkness. And the angels shouted with delight. Deborah Beach Giordano :   I am a struggling Christian, committed pacifist, near-obsessive recycler, incurable animal lover, inveterate tree-hugger; a nature mystic, a socialized introvert, an advocate for the

LOVE FOR A LIAR by Zoe Michael

I wrote this poem one evening whilst experiencing emotions linked to my deepest subconscious fears... I am sure many souls can relate to the feelings transmuted from fears and the anxiety, doubts and ego voice that comes with them. After a gentle acknowledgement of these fears and a release of emotions I shifted to a state of total peace and understanding. If we feed our fears with love they quickly subside and often transform into ideas and opportunities for expansion. If we can recognize our fears as tools of growth then we can rise into a deeper awareness of ourselves, a greater knowing of our concoius minds and shift ourselves into an even bigger heart space  - from which only comes compassion, love, acceptance and honesty.  Love for a Liar  by Zoe Michael It silences me Still  It provokes me  Until  It suffocates me  Trapped  It shocks me  Slapped  It pains me  Hurt  It questions me  Alert  It offers me  Feelings  It allows me Heali

ONLY A MOMENT by Kimberly DuBoise

I wrote  this poem in the midst of a trying time... Poetry is my way of expressing and  internalizing emotions, thoughts, life in general. I was feeling very overwhelmed but had finally reached that place of peace and clarity. This poem reflects encouragement and being uplifted, a moment when I sensed all was well and within my power. I write from the heart, from a deep well of spiritual connection, which I was feeling at the time. Only A Moment by Kimberly DuBoise A single spark explodes, taking residence within me. Is it joy or is it confusion?   I wonder. My eyes now see what my heart felt all along- A divine melody humming through each raised voice and every touch a caress of the divine. Only a moment could hold such power. Only eternity could hold such beauty. Oneness screams through the silence of a quiet breath, one that open to unity. To truth. To love. Kimberly DuBoise is a poet, writer and reader of things good for