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HOMAGE TO THE DARK MOON by Emelina Holland

I wrote this poem to capture my personal spiritual practice as a Practical Mystic...   Free poetic form became to me a sacred way to express its wholeness, to describe it and to share with others for teaching purposes.  Most importantly, it nourishes my soul each time I read it.  I feel I have captured a moment, a sacred ritual and its essence.  No matter what I am feeling or where I am, this poem is alive and transforms into a prayer, a beautiful reminder to me.  It reconnects me with the void of creation, the universal spiritual source of life, hope and renewal.  Above all, it is a reminder that no matter what is going on in my life, I am never alone and I am always supported by Life itself.  It brings me a deep sense of trust and security based on the truest resources there are, the mystical ones that is.   Homage to the Dark Moon by Emelina Holland In the dark of the Sacred Cosmic Womb when the Moon gracefully hides from the Sun, I am a child being nurtured and car


As an empath there are days when all your senses are open so wide  and run so deep... On such days you can almost feel the running rivers of discontent claiming the serenity of those beautiful women you know and even those you never will. It is as though you can hear them on the wind, a chorus of feminine souls who are silently fluttering their now abandoned wings. You can feel them tentatively flexing, readying to find the courage to fly once more and feel with each precious flutter a reclaiming of wildness, authenticity and power, to find again their gypsy heart.   Silent Flutterings      Rhea-Ruth Aitken                                                                                In the still and the noise of every day and night Under the sun and in the shadows of the moon We hear that feint yet fervent familiar sound - The silent fluttering of women's wings. And in the air our senses catch The subtle fragrance of feminine discontent, Cries so

EARTH CHANT by Janavi Held

One day, as I was sitting on an empty beach on the west shore of the island of Kauai this poem flowed out of me... It did so as I listened to the sweet moaning of the surf rising and falling, as the gentle trade winds chanted in my ears, as the call of birds drifted through the ether, and the squeak of dolphins playing in the waves opened my heart and mind.   Photography by the author, Janavi Held Earth Chant   by Janavi Held I am divided   between  extremes   it  seems   am  lost   have  bid farewell   at  any cost   can’t  run to far   can’t  live on air   can’t  shun this    life  I carry far   can’t  grip the past   can’t  touch now   can’t  dive to deep   or  stay too shallow   can’t  mourn the loss   can’t  travel far   to  take this all   with  me when I fall   life  waits for me   I can now see   the  long    the  short   what  it was for   is  gone today