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SOUL RISE by Cedah Mayo

I wrote this very recently, it is how I sometimes look at life and humans…   I find it really helps me to relate to older people, senior people and visualize them in their prime, like in their 20's or 30's.  I can really gain a respect or understanding of them, visualizing them as a similar age to myself.   I believe in reincarnation and that the true you is the soul: a shining sun inside your human body of flesh and bones. I was inspired when.... I saw an elderly couple in the super market holding hands, wrinkled gnarled hands.  I can see them when they were young - those wrinkled hands are only earth effects, the glow inside them is infinite, ageless and pure.  Soul Rise The physical body is flesh and bones Inside the microscopic cells of flesh and bones are little pieces of your galactical soul Upon death the glowing soul draws in like a breath collecting all the little pieces of the universe that have been living in your flesh a

DRAGONFLY by Mary McManus

Two weeks ago I was struggling with writing my memoir, "Coming Home: A Memoir of Healing, Hope and Possibility."  I was feeling defeated and overwhelmed by the process of writing yet knowing that I have been called to write my memoir so that others will know that there is hope for healing and possibility regardless of all outward appearances and seemingly impossible odds. I certainly know what seemed to be impossible odds as a survivor of paralytic polio and severe trauma. There was a struggle going on inside of me where I wanted to ditch writing my memoir, and contract, and withdraw from my journey of transformation altogether.  But my Spirit would never let that happen and so, a Dragonfly landed on my arm in that moment of struggle inspiring this poem, with a message that seemed to say: "Keep going!".  Dragonfly In a moment of confusion blue and gold totem alighted stopping her flight to bring me my message cease struggle and

LOVE'S SWEET NECTAR by Jessica Mokrzyckl

I wrote this poem some time ago just shortly after I had started chanting… Although chanting God's names on sacred beads is an ancient, spiritual practice in the bhakti yoga tradition, to me it is fairly new. Nevertheless, t hrough Krishna's grace I began to feel such peace and joy while repeating his holy names.  With each successive bead passing through my fingers I could feel myself draw deeper into a love I simply had not expected to encounter.  This quickly caused me to commit myself to make chanting a daily part of my spiritual practices. As time has passed I am starting to really experience the truth to the following lines I had written: "True freedom is conceived from a soul who surrenders.  To hearts devoted to Him, His Mercy He renders."   I have seen my share of peaks and valleys spiritually but what I am learning is that when I turn to Krishna with a heart that is humbled and bowed down, mercy seems to blossom from w

ONENESS IN UNION by Madhava Lata Dasi

  There is a Chinese saying: “For joy to happen it needs ‘two’”…   So, in bhakti yoga, this intrinsic, joy-seeking nature of the soul causes everyone to search for love. Because God -in this act of love which is the creation- could not silence his love. And as every lover, God needed to voice his heart. And as all lovers do, he tinted his word with secrecy.  I composed this poem as an attempt to unveil this esotericism. ~Art by Indrahni Ghosh~ The tongue -which by nature tastes- meets the sweet, the flavor. After which, sweetness is experienced by the one doing the tasting. Thus rasa manifests from the union of the two. And from this union an experience of oneness occurs. But, according to the bhakti yoga tradition, rasa can occur only when there is “two”. Rasa is a Sanskrit word for the flavor of the emotion experienced at the time of union with God.  Rasa is of divine origin and this poem celebrates the union of the Divine Couple Radha and Krishna: t

SHAMAN SNAKE WOMAN by Lizanne Corbit

I believe that crisis is best handled by the sacred feminine within us…. Feminine energy is deeply aware and in tune with the cycles of life. Thus, in her wisdom, she knows that crisis is always followed by rebirth. Because of this awareness, I best cope with and flourish out of crisis when I allow my feminine energy to surface during these events. I see two keys to personal growth: that darkness serves a purpose in our lives and that, if we surrender to that purpose – rather than succumbing to the darkness – we will grow. When I find myself in what feels like the bottom of the abyss, I think back on this. It helps me look around for the light. And, when my world is filled with joy and light again, I never forget the darkness I had to pass through to get there, as remembering helps me connect with others when they face their own darkness. This poem was written from that deep, dark place of transformation that we all go through in life. The Shaman Snake Woman i