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MESSAGE TO MY SISTERS by Grace Gabriella Puskas

We all go through darkness, trials: lessons to learn from…  Hopefully, we draw these lessons from darkness and integrate their messages and deeper meanings into our lives. We are individuals, yet we are One; a collective. I believe that consciousness is a shared dream and wounds run deep, yet we have the power within us to not only reclaim our divinity, our unconditional love, healing and forgiveness for ourselves, but to reflect this out to others. This poem is such a reflection: a message of strength, a message of our magic, and a message of love.  Message to My Sisters by Grace Gabriella Puskas Sister of this Earth, remember your divinity and your true worth. Awaken your inner goddess, reclaim your power and be honest with your true heart’s desire. Allow the burning of the fire that is deep within your psyche... You are an independent creature of the night, so allow the moon’s magic to be your guide. Raise the serpent energy that resides, engage

I PAINT by Tanielle Childers

This poem was written to better explain why I am an artist/painter… Being an artist is a far cry from an easy path to pave, but when you feel something in your heart so genuinely and passionately, I believe it is your responsibility to find a way to share it with the world.   Life is a journey and creating art and poetry is the essence of my being. Creating art is my way of painting the world with hope and a little bit of magic. Artwork by the author I Paint by Tanielle Childers I PAINT With my feet on the ground, With my head in the clouds, Happy colors on my palette And music in my ears- To awaken my spirit. I PAINT With emotion, My heart and intuition. With the energy I feel, Guiding my every decision. I PAINT To reconnect, To stay true to myself, To feel alive And to share my heart With the world around me. I PAINT To leave smiles behind Tangible moments Frozen in time In hopes that it will be shared And enjoyed by more eyes than j

SET ME FREE by Kim Buskala

I draw, a lot. Interestedly, while I draw m any words come forth,  usually poetically speaking… So I write while I draw, as the words appear in my head. Drawing for me is a form of meditation. Not so much meditation in a way that you sit quietly crossed legged on the floor, but meditation where I can sit quietly and allow my inner thoughts to be exposed without interruptions. After my piece is complete and my words have been written I do see that the two works of art compliment each other. Today my drawing brought out raw emotions of self-doubt and a  longing for the good things in life. Sometimes when we find ourselves at our own little pity-party we need to pull out all the stops and allow the tears to flow. Original Artwork by the author, Kim Buskala Set Me Free by Kim Buskala Sometimes I feel like A prisoner In these four walls Of self-doubt Maybe it is the small voices I hear In every corner of the room Repeating Repeating Repeating R


This poem was written in June 2015 after my encounter with one of my twin flames... To those unfamiliar with this concept, a twin flame connection suggests an astrological polar opposite connection with someone whose soul frequency and life purpose matches yours and who evinces astoundingly similar and complementary character traits. A twin flame dynamic involves mirroring each other and in this process painful unconscious aspects of our psyche come to the surface to be healed and reintegrated. This connection also catalyses a profound spiritual awakening to the non-dualistic nature of reality. Oneness is a concept evocative of the interconnected web of intelligent and creative energy which permeates everything in existence – otherwise known as God, Source, Great Spirit etc. The poem "Learning How to Swim in the Ocean of Oneness" announces my struggles and challenges, breakthroughs and revelations and my expansion of consciousness experienced as a result of the twin


These are some of my poems for a trip I took to Bolivia in 2013… It was the first time being back in Bolivia since 2003, so was like a homecoming. In 2013, I had just left the spiritual yogic community I taught meditation with, feeling a pull to be more integrated, listening to my internal guidance and not so defined by organized spirituality.  It was a time where nothing felt stable and maybe because of this, there was a quality of life that felt more in tune with the mysterious. Even though I had been away from Bolivia for ten years, returning felt like coming home, on a soul level. The first poem is written about my friend Dorian, who was my host brother. The second poem is about Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, a place with ancient, healing energy. From a Beloved Friend by  Emilie Walker Bubbles of life playfully call to be remembered as Faces emerge from memory Gentle and awake Brave, friendly, curious, alone All these images wake up now Dancing toge


On the clearest days, I can look out from my apartment balcony in Japan... ... and see the mountains one prefecture over from where I live (in one of the cities carved out of Japan’s few flat areas!). I relish these days, and delight in the faraway view. Reckoning with the passage of time, of personal time, collective time, eon-spanning time, and also defying these passages as I find myself flirting with a need to hold on, so that I can try to catch up with something ever elusive … with what, then? Of course, everything is always in flux, no matter what our psychology wants or needs, and there is a sweet, sad beauty in this … these things were swimming in my mind as the words poured out. Birds by the author, Tammy T. Stone A Season for Change by Tammy T. Stone The years fall away The trees grow wider The birds leave and come again To perch on the balcony and Sing the spring away Under the Earth, too, There is great movement, fire