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SHAMELESS by Angi Sullins

Shameless There is no shame here. The rubble in your life is an earthquake of soul shaking you awake crumbling all that’s inessential to your most authentic self. And you? You are too big for words like shame for words like blame. You? You are wild volcanic soul melting everything that does not belong. Burn, woman, burn. Move through the world in ever-widening steps. Own your transformation in the arc of your shoulders in the expanse of your heart. Dance like your hips move mountains casting off everything that does not belong. There is no shame here. Your ancestors knew that nature is beautiful and terrifying that rainbows are courted by storms that day shares the sky with night that decay caresses beauty’s cheek. That rubble? That trouble? It is initiation. It is invitation. Your deepest self is calling you down down underground so that you can grow up rooted like trees, your heart green even amongst the ashes. Green like spring green like yes green like hope green like nature’s embr

RESCUE by Ruth Calder Murphy

Rescue I’ve made it through the tangled, thorny forest where the bodies of would-be victors lie, all glow-in-the-dark bones beneath the full-moon sky. I’ve made it through passwords and riddles, traps and duals, kicks and slaps and ridicule, Rumplestiltskin dancing, mocking on piles of spinning wheels, pricking my fingers on the greed of kings. I’ve made it through curses and evil spells, avoided  bottomless wishing wells and ingratiating wolves - and here I stand, battered and bruised for sure, bleeding, tired and sore - but hale and hearty and strong,  with plenty of fight in my body and mind - and with my sights  set. The castle is quiet and dark and still in this middle of the night, and the drawbridge is down. I leave my sword in its sheath - I know all the dragons  and they’re on my side - and climb the spiral stairway  to the highest tower, growing wings  as I climb and casting off  years of fears  and caution  and stealth. The topmost chamber door’s flung wide. I’m here, and re

INVITATION by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Invitation   Our world is not right now easy to recognize. A shift is transpiring,  its tremors begging  the human race to become more aware, to face personal fears  by taking the next positive  step forward, to treat each other with kindness, like bees gently pass essential sweetness  from flower to flower, and birds drop seeds for the birth of trees to come, by trusting in our source,  like a baby clasps  chubby arms around  her mother’s neck.   Can I accept life  as it is  without needing  to change it? An invitation, perhaps, to be my pilgrim-self, risk  limping into the temple offering my gathered flaws, praising the potential  even while encountering exile and alienation, not knowing where our world is headed, and yet,  craving that connection, hungering to give it my all. Carolyn Chilton Casas   is a Reiki Master and teacher. Her favorite themes for writing are: healing, wellness, awareness, and the spiritual journey. Carolyn's articles and poems have appeared in   Energy ,