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LOVE OF SEVEN MILES by Seamus Lowell

Love of Seven Miles Where the giant left a footstep Carved deeply into the ground Leaving a trace of an ocean Cradling the immense water You’re on one side, I’m on the other But I can hear your heartbeat Where the ancient oaks grew roots Feeding from the soil Through the rustling leaves That tell a thousand stories I can hear your longing sigh Where the moss grew a bed For fairies to sleep Where they play joyfully With tinkling laughter, clapping hands I can hear your whisper Where swans glide on the surface Of crystal lakes They make gentle winds with their wings And I can hear it blowing every lock of your hair Where the desert sand chooses to fly And paints the air red And makes it hard to breathe I can hear the blink of your eye Where the cave’s darkness Swallows the light And only fireflies light the world I can hear you smile as you think of me Where there’s an army of people Disappointed with love Cha

DEEPLY by Megan Gogoll

Deeply I want to let go. I want to run from societal constraints and smash the glass ceiling. I want to live barefoot in the forest, amongst the trees, and become Goddess.. I want to Breathe. Deeply So very deeply Inhale down to my nether regions, Hold it. This moment. Right here. Exhale. I am grasping in a home with so many screens and walls and dejection. I need to uncover myself.. Be stripped bare, be naked. In the sea. In the moonlight. Feel the Earth under my feet, in between my toes, Grounded. Grounded and connected. To light, to being. I want to weep on my knees with the exquisite ache that resides in my heart. It is heavy. Heavy and full with love and gratitude, and masochistic tethers. Am I tied to, or tied down? I want to shatter them, break them, rip them from the ground and run, Sprint. Breathe. Deeply So very deeply My wings are dark and excruciating, They are desperate to expand. To soar and be s