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LET COMPASSION UFURL by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

This poem is about the journey of self acceptance and walking with compassion… Walking through the doors of life can bring tender times, difficult times, but always deciding to walk with them in beauty, breathing in the moments that are offered to you. Always remembering to accept yourself, and that in today, you are enough the way you are right now. 'Day Dreaming' by Pino Let Compassion Unfurl Let compassion unfurl, rewrite your life- love the moment of you today, let the words come- let the pen be, the light of your soul- let the words be written, on your heart. life, a series of doors- you pass through, open them and, walk with beauty- tender times, discouraging times, always holding- your embrace, clothed in grace- stumble, don’t let yourself fall- rise up, don’t stay down- step into your chance, let choice of movement- be yours, guided by- your inner voice, the one that- calls to you, to gently be-


This poem is about freeing myself…. It begins with the unfortunate state I once found myself in: that of being bound by chains, or fears. These fears were powerfully restraining me from being the person I wanted to be. Then, I set out on a journey to face my fears and find the key that would release my chains: a journey to set myself free. Crawling Through Chains Perforated knees tremble over metal
 blood painting the links as I crawl my hands scabbed and brittle upon each movement a painful squall Pensive teardrops fall to be found 
as my heart carries the many strains 
of restoring a soul that's bound 
finding the key to my restricting chains The stains of my blood disappears agonizing wounds have all healed my eyes opening serene of tears
 unveiling what was once concealed With my affliction now deceased
 underneath my fears I found the key the strength and courage that released the person within, I have longed to be. ~

SIREN DANCE by Krista Katrovas

For me, reading poetry inspires the writing of future poems…   Siren Dance came to me after reading Sappho, with also the great William Butler Yeats poetry in mind as well. It serves as a reminder for me never to separate the woman from the Goddess.  Siren Song painting by Victor Nizovtsev  Siren Dance We see her through the window, waving her arms like snakes her hips swaying like a restful boat on a calm sea head rolling slowly from one side to the next, kissing the shoulder as if thanking a friend visiting each for awhile before moving to the other. We are caught, she like a siren calling us in, to a deserted island, through the voice of her body, she sings to us. The velvet drapery pulled back frames her gelatinous dance. We may drown in her beauty. How can we tell the woman from the goddess? She turns to face outdoors, sees us peering in, smiles, continues to dance. We bow at her grace then leave before we’re

BE A CLOUD FOR KRISHNA by Narayani Devi Dasi

I wrote this poem at a time in my life when I was at a spiritual crossroads in my life…   I had been practicing bhakti yoga for 24 years and had done a variety of services for Krishna. For seven years I was a pujari (altar priestess) in a temple in Calcutta, India, then seven years distributing Bhagavad Gita throughout Mumbai and several states of India, then for another seven years I was a mother. But in 1994 my son went to gurukula (boarding school), and for the first time in my life I was alone. My husband had left me the previous year, so I did not know what my next service to my spiritual master and Krishna would be. I decided to chant Hare Krsna meditatively and listen for an answer. The answer was this poem: "To Be a Cloud for Krishna". Whatever I had learned over so many years should be shared with others, like rain falling from clouds! This poem was an actual experience I had while chanting which showed me my future service. This is the same servi

HER SHOES by Krista Katrovas

This poem came to me after hearing from an old childhood friend… She is the one who gave me "Her Shoes." It was written in honor of the kindness we show to other women, and girls, and the beauty that exists in giving without expecting anything in return. For, if giving comes with any expectation it's truly not giving at all. I remember my friend's kindness, so many years ago, was so free from expecting that I give her anything in return. I felt such comfort because of it.  So now I offer my gently used items to other women in hopes they receive them with as much appreciation and comfort as I once received these shoes from my friend.   Her Shoes She gave me her gently used shoes, though too big for my standard size seven. I’d stuff toilet paper inside the toes of them like a ballerina with the box encasing the dancer’s toes, supporting her feet as she pirouettes and dances on point. I stuffed my red ballet flats so they wouldn


Sometimes there is only falling… You don’t quite stop. Fall so far and fast enough—Sometimes it feels like flying. You wonder when the crash comes, when passion burns up again. What happens when it doesn’t need stoking? Yet, all things in our incarnate world are subject to time. Can the carnal provide a realm for understanding, alchemy of the self, and transmutation through togetherness? When you’re falling, whether you’re a shooting star or photons streaking from sun to moon to water, you’re present in the alchemy. Sometimes, when falling, you’re with the right person; with someone who teaches you as you teach them. They don’t supply any answers or make any excuses. Yet, you feel that thing beyond infatuation, that alchemy that could change everything , if only ; but it is the edge , a reflection of other we see, an alcove of safety we carve together as lovers loving each other. It is the risk. It is a trust. It is both. It is both, which echo the call in the


I am writing from a place of longing… I am writing from a place of being afraid to believe what I know to be true. Life takes turns and spins and before I know it everything looks different, feels different and is different, because I am different.  I like to believe all happens for a reason. My teacher and healer told me vibrating to love and joy and gratitude brings transformation. I found this to be true. The tears are less often. The shame is not so dark and the anger is like wet sand on a hot day. So for my new friend, I wrote this. And for all who have loved and dare to love again, I share. A Love Poem for my New Friend I am frozen in the moment. My heart skips beating. The darkness I knew Sits on my brow, shadow Of life lived without love. Yet the sunlight eeks in. Spring comes tomorrow. I cannot move. I barely breathe. I fear to believe: Love can come in a man Whose hands are strong, Whose words are true, Whose faith guides the hea