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THE STARTING POINT OF ME by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

During today's Full Moon… I brought forth my intentions and I always draw a Rune, oracles, with marking written on stones that bring forth a message to your soul. On this night of the Flower Moon I drew the Rune The Self : “The starting point is the self. Its essence is water. Only clarity, willingness to change, is effective now. A correct relationship to your self is primary, for from it f low all possible right relationships with others and with the Divine.” From this evening of intentions this poem was birthed.   The starting point of me the centering of myself, the starting point of me- what is my inner knowing, acknowledging my truest she. woman embracing, my power- holding her truth as her own, wisdom that reaches- for the one so deep within, all that flows through- the deepening of my soul, to my source, my core, completely holding- who I truly am. to look past, my reflection- to see me, past my imperfections- the

THE BREATH OF LIFE by Solodad Maria

  A new dawn is rising… The early morning awakens my soul’s desire for peace, connection and beauty.   The infinite source of life blesses each day with the unity and balance of a new dawn: a new life. With each breath I open and release that which is the presence of the Divine within, and my truest nature: a blessed woman and healer of souls.   Deep sensitivity awakens inside of me as I reflect on each moment of possibilities and freedom. I feel the breath of life speaking and breathing through me: staying with me and blessing me with eternal wisdom and love. It’s the breath of God/Goddess, the breath of the beloved. And it fills me with the joy of uniting with the source. Blessed be every breath rising like a new dawn: rising like a new me. The Breath of Life If I give away my deepest soul If I give away what is yet to unfold If I bless each day with a life that is new Will I know myself as this woman I am? If I bless this moment: deeply loved If I brea


I wrote this poem after swimming with a new friend… We swam with monofins and allowed our bodies to move in the water like dolphins and whales, swimming as a whole, unified body. I began to spontaneously make sounds underwater, similar to a whales sound... and she could hear me quite a ways away underwater. We swam behind each other and listened to the sounds... after doing this for an hour, and swimming together... my being did not want to go back on land. I was remembering our Oceanic roots... and the strong remembering of being together as a pod, that deep place within where we are joined with everything... and our movements and sounds and knowing is graceful, no words, no competition, no trying, no assuming, no being judged or judging. The place where the rhythms of life are who we are. There is an Embrace we want with our Whole Being… To meet another 
 whose eyes 
reflect the wild lands of our primordial roots… Our bodies soften & strengthen,


My mother’s father was a physician, her mother a descendant of early English settlers…   My father was the rough-cut son of immigrant German stock—my grandmother a short, fat, bossy sort and and my grandfather a tall, skinny, quiet man. I don't know my maternal grandparents' view of this bright, farm-grown young man, because they died in a car crash before I was born. I can guess they hoped their middle daughter would find a better catch if they moved her away from La Feria, Texas—population 1,594. She went to college in Chicago, as they directed. Once there, however, she schemed to move closer to Texas A & M, where my father  was studying agriculture. She went to three different colleges in as many years and finally—after her third year away—they were married. Mom saw through Dad’s tough exterior, and would act as go-between, but my father, enforcer of his own rules, scared me when I was growing up.  Though he is long dead, in my seventh decade I still see as

I WAS NOT ALONE by Heather Awad

This poem’s story dates back to 1999, a pivotal point in my life… That time was pivotal in terms of accepting my life on larger scales and learning to cope with everything that had come before and what I wanted my life to be moving ahead. It was a time of deep self-reflection and rejection from many who I believed cared about me.   It was also a time of feeling the loss of myself, slipping into unrealistic visions and expectations, forming them into realities, suffering through disbelief and denial. When there was no one to turn to, I turned to spirituality and faith for support, comfort and love. I Was Not Alone It was spring the sun brightened the flowers on my bedspread kept watered by the heavy flow of tears that gushed from my eyes. Tears that would never end from a heartache so tangible it built a home inside me. I prayed it would release its clutching hold, freeing a pain that burrowed deep in my soul, consuming my weak-beating heart


I have been writing almost daily my entire life, but had never publicly shared any of it until I made a dare with myself last October. I thought to myself that on January 1, 2014, I would submit my first poem or article to someone. The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt that I should just take the leap and submit a poem on November 1, 2013. After all, I knew it would be rejected, so why wait for the New Year for bad news? As it turned out, my poem was accepted nearly immediately and I was elated. It was published just days later and since then my public writing has taken off. Six months have passed and I have now published 90-someodd poems and articles for various publications and journals. I was also asked to edit a friend’s book and loved the experience. I have met other writers and my life has been expanded and lifted like a helium balloon. I feel so blessed and overfilled with a new kind of joy that I haven’t experienced before. I do wish that I woul

BRINGING MY TRUEST INTENTION by Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg

I have been dealing with many obstacles of control… I have been feeling overwhelmed by life’s breaking upon me, especially upon my family. When I reach this place of pain, I bring forth my truest intention. I come to allow compassion to flow over my soul, to help me release and let it all go. To come to laying it all down and come to my healing. Bringing My Truest Intention bringing my truest intention, spoken from deep- within my soul... it breaks like a levee of tears, washing over my waking- from the altar of my heart, I lay it all down. seeing clearly, through grace and forgiveness. as I move towards my compassion, trampled by my misgivings. all I can do is lay open, and let it flow out, river of mine- inside me. intentions of loving kindness, and yet... breaking my control, to let it all go. with brokenness comes healing, through healing- comes revealing... yes, my awakening.   Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg :   Ab