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BODHRAN by Avellina Balestri

This is taken from a time when I was going through a spell of severe spiritual dryness… However, playing my bodhran drum for a studio recording helped me remember to the Divine Order that is all around me, as exemplified by the rhythm of the drum beats. Bodhran by Avellina Balestri I feel the skin of the drum Taut with ageless anticipation And walk my fingers along it Making a sound like pattering rain, Preparing the parched ground for growth. I brandish the beating stick Grasping it lightly, letting it dance, Helping the wood to remember its roots. Once it sprouted from the heart of the earth; Now it will sing earth’s holistic hymn. My wrist is quick, like a snake’s tongue, Flashing in and out, up and down, Sinking into rhythm and running free, Like a wild horse or a water fall, Hoof-beats thunder and rapids rush An intuition takes command, Borne from the Soul of the Universe – Mystical Mathematics swirl In harmonies unlea

SACRIFICE by Elizabeth Tsung

I wrote this poem when I was discovering my feminine awakening… I realized how much we, as women, go through rituals to burn what no longer serves us. It's necessary to sacrifice parts of ourselves to keep us whole. I was deeply inspired by our monthly moon cycles. Even though I mention my "eye" hurting, it represents other parts of the feminine body.    Artwork by Shelley Sage Heart Sacrifice    by Elizabeth Tsung Some days my right eye disappears into the walls of tangerine Leaving the other to dance alone as it hunts for the dark and unseen It blinks in zig zags  with uneven beats to find where it hurts as I pray and I weep My belly churns to anchor me down so that my eye can finally feast on the broken and desperate places that need to be released. Elizabeth Tsung     is a writer and poet living in New York City. Find her on Twitter @elizabethtsung ~ If you are interested in seeing your poetry

HER SKIN by Sophie Gregoire

This poem is about Sacred Relationships… This poem was written for the lovers that dive deeper through sexuality, and savor it for what it is—which is the ultimate union, the climax of love between two people. Sexual intimacy is not what our times have made it be. Intimate touch is sacred, sex is enlightening. Sexual intimacy ignites eternal sparks in the hearts of both partners; sacred touch is a lot more than a short moment of fleeting pleasure. Sex can lead to the awakening and to the fusion of both souls. Sexual union can open doors in both bodies, that nothing—no time and no space could close. Sex is magic, when it gathers two hearts that have, and had always been, made for one another. Her Skin by Sophie Gregoire Touch her, Like She is The first skin. Kiss her  Like  It was always  About You and Her, Like  She is everything Compared to Every other  Lips. Hold her waist Like  She is, The treasure The gem  The velvet Y

LIVING POETRY by Sonja Phillips Hollie

In my poetry, I am inspiration that manifests thoughts of love… I am breath that conveys the will. I am the action that effects change. I am the touch that provides healing. I am that which had been written before thoughts began, and came into being when all was meant to be. I am beauty that exists in all that is the creation of the word. I am Living Poetry! Today, as my first collection of poems , Living  Poetry: Perceptions of a Goddess ,  is being released into the world, I am happy to share with you a little peek into its contents, by unveiling the first poem: Living Poetry by Sonja Phillips Hollie Like the breathing of Spring and the lust of dying words in the fall: The living, changing and healing of virginal snow, as in life we             are seasons to everything and its in my words,             ingrained as our time Sowing the rust of our souls leaving behind a part of me So that you may live in eternal suns, long after i am gone, for you

SPECK OF NEW LIGHT by Paraschiva Florescu

This is a poem written for those who have survived despite a painful lack of affection from others... This is a poem written to those who fear abandonment, to those who are searching for the light in the shadow. It is a poem that seeks to console, a cry to tell you that you are not alone, and you are beautiful. Speck of New Light by Paraschiva Florescu Do not make un-belonging a home, befriend your loneliness until it hurts no more, and prepare for storms to come: you are deeply rooted and immutable: a tree of longing, a miracle in its own right. All that is gold does not glitter. I say not all that glitters is gold. Beware of biting the apple full of worms. Do not gift yourself to the undeserving, to those who are incapable of sweetness, whose mouths taste of dissatisfaction. You are made of dark matter and moons, your hair is red with fervor, and your small feet are yet to traverse hot countries. You are a godful wonder, a