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GRIEF SEEDS by Kalindi Dinoffer

  Grief Seeds by Kalindi Dinoffer  Oh death! I feel the grief seeds tugging at my heart. I cry out why why oh death must you take  so many loved ones? Don't you see mothers crying, daughters lamenting,  lovers lost adrift without their beloved,  wives broken,  husbands weeping, children without parents, parents without children?  Oh death! I don't fear you. Not for me anyway- dying I mean. But losing loved ones my heart can't bear it for myself and others  take me not them.  I would offer myself as a sacrifice  if it would stop the pain of all the parents, children friends, lovers, siblings losing their loved ones' beautiful company in this life. Oh death! As the seeds of grief take root and bury deep  in the hearts of those that have  lost so much,  I wonder what will grow  from these seeds? Are you trying to teach us about the preciousness of life? How delicate and incredible  each flower is, so that  we remember each day to shower  each flower around us: each flower 

A BUCKET OF LOVE by Helene Cauchon

  A Bucket of Love by  Helene Cauchon I can't wait to pick up my bucket and fill it with love. I will put on my garden boots and traipse across the wet grass, gather flowers, weeds and dirt, and pile them all in my tin bucket of love. I will skip down the street in my summer sandals and gather wildflowers in my apron and scatter them across the roadway to fill the path with love. If I can spread love everywhere, like seeds in the wind, maybe I will find a door to a secret garden  where everyone will visit, hug and get along. As I write my story of fantasy, I pick up the old rusty bucket left out in the rain. It is empty. I fill it with love. Helene Cauchon is a retired research attorney from Southern California who spends her time writing poetry in her journal and hanging out with her grandkids. She yearns for a world free of suffering, but has finally come to accept that suffering is part of the journey. She believes we are all called to help each other out as much as we can duri