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DEEP SIMPLICITY by Sarah Carlson

Deep Simplicity All the way in, you are there, have always been. I join you along the shores of our serene lake. We sit together as one, realigning in full and novel ways as ravels release once again. I settle into our  comfortable connection, feel the sturdiness of my craft.  That which once held fast, gripped hard,              pulled tightly                                 tenderly ripples away                                         in currents of quiet. I breathe                  and stretch                     and fill.     I drift                          without care                                  or concern.  I feel a happy glow                  as I recognize the                             deep simplicity of                                          resting in the love                                              that is you,                                                             that is me. Sarah Carlson   has many pieces to her whole, as most of us do. Those pieces i


  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall   She stared at the looking glass, Her reflection dull and dark, No beauty for her to admire in it, A big nose and a black mark!   She cringed at the sight of her, And dreamt of thick golden hair, Why were her eyes so pale, she thought? Could she not be born a little fair?   She gazed at her mother’s dark skin, And with anger looked away, Her reflection looked back at her, As if mockingly laughing away!   Her mother sensing it all, Came behind and stood tall, And looking at the mirror she said, “Will you let me explain it all?”   Don’t let people judge you dear one, For your skin or your mole, Let them judge you instead, For the worth of your soul!   The world is like this mirror, It only shows you what you wish to see, Look at yourself with love, And a world full of love will look back at thee!   Ashu Nathani:  I am an HR professional, telepathic animal communicator and an Angel card reader based out of Pune, India. In March 2020 during the peak of the pan