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IF I LOOK by Shamima Raihan Manzoor

I believe that, as humans, we are constantly shaped by the many happenings and views we acquire in our lives… Sometimes these can then give rise to certain realizations, which can then further give new meanings to our ordinary happenings, leaving us with serene feelings.  But sometimes, for some of us, the sense of serene feelings is beyond our reach.  In this poem I reflect on my past, my present and the indefinite future of my life by looking at happenings in my life differently.  If I Look by  Shamima Raihan Manzoor If I look at the sky, why do I feel shy? Because it makes me realize how tiny am I. If I look at my past, It makes me realize why everything runs so fast. If I look at my family, It makes me realize how we grew up happily. If I look at my profession, It always thrives me to deliver with perfection. If I look at homeless people, I feel lucky and more and more grateful for what I have. If I look at the tears of pain in anyone’s

SOLITUDE by Vidya Chetan

I believe that w e can hear the sound of our soul only when we are alone and away from the world...  I penned down this poem on solitude while I was away from all the noise of this world for many days. I feel God hears us when we speak to ourselves during such times, and  retrospect  on specific times in our lives. Nowadays, however, we get so busy in amassing wealth and worldly possessions that our souls often feel abandoned and we feel stressed. Many are after wealth their whole lives and eventually tire  of  chasing it. Instead, I feel our purpose in life is not to enjoy worldly pleasures alone but to help others to live a positive life and to do things which help us, and others, connect more with our souls. At least f or me, devoting some time to being alone revitalizes and nourishes my soul, as well as my relationship  with  God.  Solitude by Vidya Chetan Discovering myself in my solitude In a self contemplative mode, Not in a content or blue mood, But gazing int

THE WISHING WELL by Anita Neilson

Peace: Our hearts crave it. Our souls nourish it... Yet our bodies and minds crash through it, run roughshod over it and disregard its persistent, gentle call. We find peace in meditation; in moments of stillness when time evaporates; in our relationships when we let go of the ego’s demands to be right, to be in control. We find peace in fellowship, in encouraging sisterhood among us. In this divine sisterhood, we are the carriers of peace in this world.   My wish is that we beam this peace out to others with every step that we take; and smooth a loving, protective salve over all those in our path. For this world scarred by tragedy and crisis, let us counteract each moment of anger, mistrust, or hatred with the healing power of peace and love. We can collectively effect change from our hearts, from our thoughts, from our words and our acts through the embodiment of peace. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti... The Wishing Well by Anita Neilson If I could: Wave a magic wan