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DARK MIDWINTER HUSH by Cheryl Anne Bratman

A lways at the Winter's Solstice, these Great Beings I am blessed to encounter somehow come into a more crystal clarity in the cycles and elements of Earth, as well as in my own soul. Their stories circle round and round; a great, deepening spiral, to teach and lead us in the Ways of Love.  Dark Midwinter Hush Sun of the Seasons Greater Light Do not hurry Do not rush to show For I am happy here In the dark midwinter hush Enfolded in the comfort of The Lady’s blue-black Star-speckled cloak Oh, to still the wheel A wondrous while At this calm and splendid spoke Son of the Highest Light of the World Do not hurry Do not rush to grow For I am happy With You in the manger Far from all Your destined danger Clutched now safely To Your Mother’s Breast Oh, to stay right here A wondrous while In this quiet, starry rest. Cheryl Anne Bratman : As a very young girl, I discovered the magic of turning my observations and swirling thoughts and feelings into poems and songs

SWADDLED by Ruth Calder Murphy

Swaddled  Just breathe - in   - deep -   till your lungs become worlds where dreams grow and new life begins - out - completely - till nothing is left but another new start. Just listen -   listen to the beating of your own insistent heart - when there’s nothing else to say or do that can be said or done. Allow your mind the liberty to run   - to fly - and open up your inner eye to vast infinity. Just know the swaddling bands of such deep mystery that hold us here in our humanity   - immanent Divinity -   and feel the touch of more beyond: transcendent liberty. Inhale the fragrance of fresh-laid hay and hear, from far away, the distant chorus of a Heavenly host. There’s more than our wildest philosophies can dream in Heaven and Earth. We’re swaddled, all   - cocooned - waiting for another rebirth. Ruth Calder Murphy   is a writer, artist, music teacher, wife and mother living in London, UK. Her life is wonderfully full of creativity and low-level chaos. She i

WOVEN AS ONE by Lauren Love

Woven as One We as One, yet it's only just begun. Cut from the same cloth, Spun from same web. Recognition beyond the face, woven together throughout time and space. A Celestial Dream, unfolding beyond our eyes. Beyond the stages, Beneath the signs. A melody divine, not yours nor mine, beyond all time. The beloved is found within our divine merging, graceful timing, harmonic rhyming. Revealing the Godly essence of our hearts and minds. It is our rising time: Together in God's embrace, The One Divine Face Lauren Love:  Lauren works as a Montessori Teacher and Carer of Magical Babies. She is passionate about holistic education for little ones and her intention is to empower and inspire the children and encourage them to develop their innate inner gifts. Lauren feels that teaching kindness, collaboration, creativity and connection are just as important as academic subjects and enable our children to blosso

LET US DANCE by Tammy Takahashi

Let Us Dance There's a little voice, a little self inside you, and she loves, he hopes, they are filled with wonder, we are itching for more because we know, we sense, we feel how abundant the world is, and we are. There are tiny buds and voluminous blossoms sprinkling the planet, and this is delightful as they come and go, as in the fresh spring wind, they dance. There are small hills and the grandest mountains, elegant and momentous, still as a Buddha, and slowly, with the long view, they dance. The rivers in flow, the oceans capturing all our momentum as they crash and retreat, carry, reflect, lie still, and dance under the sun, then moon, which are always dancing with each other to give us our moments of bright and shifting light. We are called, we are pulled, we are beckoned to dance. We want to dance, we are inspired to breathe with the world, in constant motion; nothing stays, rests for long. May we rest when we can, and then, let us dance. Tammy Stone Takah

THIS IS THE DAY by Ruth Calder Murphy

This is the Day This is the day; - a day of breaking forth and rising up, of angels sitting on weighty analogy, spilling glory like gold - and all the stories ever told have a place to live and breathe and stay, in the garden of Today. This is the day when Connections come to life, Divinity rises with the Sun and Darkness rolls away - when all the threads of all the webs that were ever once begun are drawn into dew-decked-dazzling perfection and Resurrection has its way. This is the day - the Day where shadows on the walls of caves blaze to bright reality - the day where every other day can be for ever and eternity; where dark and light and life and death are balanced in every single breath - where Humanity meets Divinity and Paradise is given birth right here, right now, on Earth. Ruth Calder Murphy   is a writer, artist, music teacher, wife and mother living in London, UK. Her life is wonderfully full of creativity and low-level chaos. She is th


Living Radiant Heart it starts in a hut deep in the winter woods my feet on the ground   cold fists shaking the air  frozen sounds mouth sounds howling  mist woolen threads unravel me here a small shelter feathers and trinkets sticks and mud spinning blue pearls unending stitching on a map radiant and glistening beating and visceral sacred knots and knowing vessels each round christened by a tear a cluck cluck clucking a clock each one held in a holy longing by the in: pulsing of the connection soul’s longing wilding running leaping song living radiant heart it starts in a bed made of rivers and rocking chairs masts of sailboats gliding through glass over ghosts and spirits laying sleepy nothing to grasp and I am finally now: here forever moving towards the one we collide merge living radiant heart Lana Maree Haas  is a Kirtan Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Poet. She is a massage therapist and also practices Reiki and Sound Healing using Reiki

EVERY WINTER REBORN by Cheryl Anne Bratman

Every Winter Reborn Love draws me once again into the Season of Light beyond all intellect and reason. The Heart, moist-beating to defy all that is stoic, static, and dry; ecstatically throbbing warm beneath the new winter sky. Love draws me once again to revel and roam in Crystalline Wonder~ though no longer under this spell all alone. Nobility is centered, seated surely upon a throne of gilded humility. Radiant Kindness shines beyond all limitation of distance and time, Lighting the path of Love thought lost and thawing the pauper’s frost-bitten dreams. Ask the child in the Soul’s Palace just what Christmas means… and she will, without even slight hesitation, recite the Story of Love; of a Star newborn in blue-black midnight and a young Mother bringing a weeping world to Her Tender Breast, so that Every Child may come and rest, blanketed in an Eternity weighted softly with Unbounded Grace. Our Mother will never leave us to “cry it out” without Comfort, o

NO LONGER A THREAT by Sarah Carlson

No Longer a Threat A hole in the screen, a break in the skin, a door left open. A worry that something will infiltrate, infect, fester. A constant sense of jeopardy rooted in origins  both understood and not. This powerful effect of the wound is losing its potency as boundaries are determined and continue to fortify in such a way as to allow benevolent permeability. All the while the true taproot  grows stronger with life giving liquids circulating  more and more freely. Mind settling,  heart nurturing,  soul fostering – dynamic and sure  they surge and swirl, providing a fullness  that is at the same time  fresh and familiar. Truth spirals,  grace expands,  love swells, and there simply is  no longer a threat. Sarah Carlson   has many pieces to her whole, as most of us do. Those pieces include: mother, teacher, daughter, friend, widow, sister, skier, bicyclist, hiker, coach, drummer, and poet. Sarah lives in

YOUR TIME COMES by Romana Ercegovič

Your Time Comes And so, one day, your time comes. Just like that, as if everything would have always been very simple, as if you haven’t years after years been trying, waiting, trembling secretly waving carpets of dreams, fearing to bring them out. And then one day you simply sing your song, step out of your hideaway, through the armors of thick thoughts, stop stammering and clearly say who you are and what you want and begin to shine with all your simplicity so divinely beautiful that you astonish even yourself and you smile and laugh and walk on with Beauty in your eyes as if with this lightness you have always walked the Earth. Simply, your time comes. Romana Ercegović is an explorer and creator of new ways of soulful theater art from Slovenia. She chose an independent artistic path and follows her vision of theatre, which awakens the perception of beauty, magic, pure joy of life, honors the balance of the feminine and the masculine, as well as the connection to Natur

I'VE FOUND IN YOU by Janavi Held

From the editor: It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that yesterday afternoon Janavi Held , a very dear friend and spiritual sister of mine, and regular contributor to our poetry project has left us after struggling with a terminal illness for years. She left peacefully surrounded by loved ones. This is the last poem she wrote, in which she calls out to Divinity to take her. I've Found in You love like an ocean I’ve found in You  my little dear one and yet, I know You  run off at night playing God, but my sweet  I am grateful that You return to  me in the day spilling Your silky voice into my wanting ears and drenching my eyes with all that lovely sweetness. Your hands are little gems, which capture the morning light Your palms are like the sunrise itself and your eyes, so deep, as if the enormity of love could live there effortlessly. Take me away with You my sweet  for You know my heart is Yours as You’ve stolen it away  by glancing at me

SNOW ON THE OAKS by Cheryl Anne Bratman

Snow on the Oaks how quiet it seems with snow on the oaks so still they dream of the lush lusty green of spring but winter’s silent milky moment is no somber grove of grief all flows amber clement within no matter how cold the surface the hidden heart is sap and fire as soul and skin await awakening of the sweet vernal desire the dark and cold so subtly stokes it makes me smile what’s happening below… while how quiet it seems with snow on the oaks. Photography by the author Cheryl Anne Bratman : As a very young girl, I discovered the magic of turning my observations and swirling thoughts and feelings into poems and songs. The love of language; spoken, sung, and written, and also the silent language of presence, has remained through all life's twists and turns. I am a lover and celebrant of the elements and seasons of the Heart and Soul, of Earth and Spirit; finding All Life to be sacred. I deeply enjoy the privilege of sharing my life with three


Dreaming of Women's Tribe In my dreams We weave the fabric of peace around the globe And inhabit our communal dwellings in every place we know We sleep together on earth's rich blanket under the starry night sky. In my dreams We listen to the life's hum Coming through the woodlands and forests, deserts and grasslands. We breathe in their freshness as we blow life into their lungs In my dreams We walk together hand in hand And face our challenges With open hearts and offering hands And wash away our tensions in healing waters of Mother's Womb In my dreams Our crops and gardens are lush and abundant and wild and free And every plant speaks to our souls Offering its healing balm, tender guidance and pure love In my dreams Our children are growing as wild and free, whole and in harmony with their true nature Thriving in every way In my dreams We hug, feed and water our lives With fires glowing in our hearts In the sweet presence  of each and every  moment and