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This poem is my journey into the world of forgiveness...  It's such a multi-faceted and deeply personal realm.  What is there to do when someone asks you to forgive them but you are not ready?  Do you feel pressure to go ahead so their feelings won't be hurt?  Or do you try to honor yourself?  What do you say to them? Humans can fall into predictable predicaments. Sometimes we want to be forgiven without doing the hard emotional work of repairing hurt and betrayal, which means looking inward to learn from your mistakes. We want the other person to make it okay when that really isn't possible. Sometimes a person may feel ready to forgive no matter what, and that is wonderful. But if you are not ready, I believe it's okay to have a choice. My poem is also about the healing power of Nature. I hope that both participants in a hurtful situation can use nature as a way to heal, whether it be the ocean, a hiking trail, or a garden. Bringing the green, wild, and be

SOFT, SOFT, SOFTLY by Krista Katrovas

This poem came as inspiration from a snow storm…   Snow has descended on the town I live in of Kalamazoo. Winter is here: soft, soft, softly, winter has arrived.  Soft, Soft, Softly By Krista Katrovas I think on the word gentle, Meditate on the sensation of it Feel it enter my body, Like snowflakes landing on my tongue Before melting soft,                                        soft,                                                 softly Into my being. I think of people I’ve known, People I still know, People alive, People who’ve passed soft,                                                     soft,                                                                         softly Into my being. I think on the scent of coconut, Recall drinking coconut water through a straw, Swishing the oil in my mouth Rubbing it on my wind burnt cheeks in winter Lathering coconut oil onto my dry skin in summer, soft,                             

STARRY NIGHT by Mel Martin

I wrote this poem on a cold, clear evening in November when my power went down… Starry Night Starry night
 So clear, so bright
 So full of heavenly splendour 
 All serene
 Breathtaking scene Light up the sky Light up my heart Light the whole world  in majesty The whole anew In perfect light The world laid bare For all mankind. ~ Mel Martin:   I and mother of  three, living in   am mother of three, living in Colchester, Essex, in the U.K, but am originally from Dudley in the West Midlands. I have always loved the use of the English language but for many years struggled with basic literacy skill. I left school with nothing and achieved everything through hard work and determination. I work with children in a high school, which is more of a calling than a chore. I've published books on  historical research  and five volumes of poetry   available here,  my latest one is called The Poetry Corner, and you can find it  here.  You may e-mail me


The celebration of Christmas is for me the celebration of humility… It is a celebration of Divinity bowing low to touch us, to kiss us, to truly be with us, and ultimately to *Be* us so that we may understand the true nature of our being. The realization of our Divinity does not lead us into a lofty, majestic state, but instead circles us back to humility; to humus, to the extraordinary blessing and sacredness of our earthly lives and the full scope of our blissful, excruciating humanity. Christmas called the Holy One in to fully participate in Earth's Mysteries, and Christmas calls us in to fully participate in the Divinity which is our origin, our home, our very substance.  Christmas Called Me In by Brigid Clare Oak Christmas called me in To the heart’s quieter place Away from all work and worry And the intrusion of outer images Christmas called me in To that space where I am free From the illusion of entitlement And the laughable notio

STONE by Shailie Dubois

The magic of life can be experienced in the 'mere' presence of a stone… When we open our hearts we connect to the language that all of creation shares and become one with it's ultimate truth; we are all made with love by love.  Photography by the author, Shailie Dubois Stone by Shailie Dubois I held a small stone and a wave came over me Washing the sediment of falseness I spoke to the stone and heard an echo  Embellishing the heart with truthfulness I brought the stone to my lips and tasted  The fullness of life in its sweetness  I sat with the stone in silence It spoke, 'Made with love by love.' 'Harbor Seal Stone' by the author Shailie Dubois Shailie Dubois  has a degree in Psychology. She is also a graduate of the Advanced Shamanism Program at the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies. She practices Intuitive Prayer Healing, a combination of her studies in psychological well-being, Christianity, Bhakti yoga, s

SHADES OF DUSK by Ruth Calder Murphy

“Life is but a Dream” Such a famous quotation, from the popular nursery rhyme - and one that used to really unsettle me, as a child. What did it mean , “life is but a dream”? What did it mean for me , for my life, for my place in the universe? What might it imply, for reality as a whole? From a very young age, I used to wonder… “Life is but a dream”… It’s not surprising, then, that as an adult, I’ve been gripped by films such as The Matrix, that question what reality is and how much of what we think we know is illusion - and also by scientific studies of our eyes and brains and how we perceive things differently from how they really are. One of my favorite quotations is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.” I think this applies to all of us, whoever we are, whatever our “philosophy” is. I also think that “Life is but a Dream” is an interesting idea - one that doesn’t unsettle me now,