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  I first attended a Unitarian Church when I moved to Boston… It was in 1965 when I was studying Early Childhood Education. There was a Unitarian Church just a few blocks away, which I decided to explore.  I was very comfortable with the idea that all religions based on love hold a part of God's truth, but no one religion holds it all.  I believe Divine Truth is so vast and complex, human minds are not capable of grasping it in its entirety.  But we do catch glimpses of it working around us.  I believe I saw such a glimpse when I looked out my window one spring morning. Endless Beginnings Mid-April sunshine floods the neighborhood I stand at my front window, sipping a cup of chamomile tea, taking a break from the basement clutter I can see my husband and our grandson returning home their feet swinging in unison small fingers disappearing into large They stop to examine the delicate buds on a gnarled, Bing cherry tree My husband’s lips mo

STRONGER TOGETHER by Mariann Martland

  There are times in life when you feel that there is nobody who understands your pain… There is nobody to whom you can reach out or speak your lonely words. You feel completely alone, unspeakably lonely.  And then, you suddenly feel held, you are alone but you no longer feel lonely in your ache. For some this might be found in a faith, a universal connection: a sense of unity with humanity. Or this unseen force is found for many through a virtual world of words and sentiment, of shared expression, knowing and understanding.  Over the past year, during times of intense struggle, there have been moments when I have found connection in the most unexpected places. There have been moments when people who I have never met have carried me through into the next moment that had felt impossible to reach, through their writing, their words, their understanding, their shared experience.   Through these virtual, yet very real, worlds, communities can be formed where acceptance

WHISPERING by Ruth Calder Murphy

The whole world is whispering - whispering long-lost truths and the mysteries of connection… At least, this is what I’m coming to believe. Myths and legends repeat the same themes and these are echoes of what we see in nature and the circle of life… And the really exciting thing, it seems to me, is that I’m a part of it: we are a part of it.   I’m part of the whispering and singing and dancing and being and sometimes, I can almost touch it, before it spins off again. Wherever I am, I’m where the whispers meet, because they meet in me - and in you, and in every living thing. "Aria - Song of Everything" Painted by Ruth Calder Murphy Whispering - By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme) The whole world is whispering; Listen - in the trees, in the tumbling, turning leaves, in the spiraling seasons and the ocean breeze. The whole world is whispering, susurrating, rustling, Listen - it's the whisper of the Winter freeze, the dancing of the Spring

SLUMBERLAND by Mariann Martland

For longer than I can remember sleep, real life-giving sleep, has been elusive in my life…   I have been plagued by a series of nightmares, night terrors and other equally disturbing nighttime problems since I was a little girl. In the last year or two I have begun to link this to early childhood trauma and a part of what I have now acknowledged to be post traumatic stress disorder.  As I have been working through the process of recovering memories; processing the abuse, the loss and the health implications, and using everything I have in discovering my true self, a good night's sleep has been an increasingly rare occurrence. This is in spite of my practices of meditation, keeping mindful and breathing through this painful process. Often, as I battle and try to reconcile myself with my sleepless nights, I write. Writing has become like breathing for me as I attempt to find, accept and express my truth.  These words came to me at 5am on a dark, windy wint

HEARTS by Sarah Courtney Dean

We all as poets have tender hearts…   And this is a fact that should be celebrated! Yes they can be broken so easily but through our poetry they can be made whole. Hearts My heart is a thousand years old So you think it would be wrinkled like a prune But not so The truth is , it is delicate And easily broken. I try to make it less so Try to make it not care In a world that give it many lessons But it bounces back Time After Time And stays eternally Young. ~ Sarah Courtney Dean :  I am a poet and my poetry is part and parcel of my spiritual tradition. I am a Druid and a seer and also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. I live in the UK in the beautiful county of Dorset. My poetry is inspired by nature in all its forms especially by the progress of the seasons and how the Goddess is seen in them. I am single by choice and live with a ginger and white cat by the name of Rowan who as all cats are prone to rules the roost

INEVITABLE by Shakti Karlynn Howeth

This song was inspired by all of the teachings that uplift my heart…   And all of the Beings who have shared theirs with me!  Music is a powerful medium for healing and change and I have always been interested in sound therapy as well as the pure joy of melody and vibration.   Artwork by Shakti Howeth Since a song carves a groove in the mind, I am always looking for the right carving tools for mine.  Inspired by concepts such as "The Law of Attraction", "Ho'oponopono" and Mantra repetition I have created something that is both personal (and hopefully) Universal.   This recording is something like a page out of my sketchbook in the sense that it will continue to evolve and improve, but I wanted to get the seed of it out as soon as possible for sharing and receiving energetic feedback.  I set my intention, performed a little ritual and made the recording at home.  Singing, guitar, two different drums and a tambourine later I had the components for