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IMMORTAL PAGES OF ME by Sonja Marie Philips

  I feel a deep connection with this poem… For I am the poet and the poem. My poem acknowledges the divine within us all. Yet, as spiritual beings in earthly garments, we are much deeper than the story that we tell ourselves. We are the authors of our own stories, the goddesses of our own truth and retribution, and creators of our own destiny. Immortal Pages of Me by Sonja Marie Philips As the moonlit night Peers through my window, Unspoken verses of her spill into the empty pages of me. Anticipating, my return to it Fate unlocks the door to my inner tellings mystic winds blow out my candle. As I sit at my old vintage desk A different side of me is emerging- Thoughts no longer separated Her words living deep inside of me. like an angel longing for her body I embrace the two. Nodding at my desk I fall into my own story ripping out the darkest pages of my journey Every line Every word a new story emptying out of me as the neme

YOU AND ALL THINGS by Brigid Clare Oak

The Divine is Everywhere! When I am tempted to limit The Divine, there comes, by grace, a gentle corrective to my soul; that I may know the Inestimable Gift and Inevitable Fulfillment of Life and Love in myself, and all things. You and All Things by Brigid Clare Oak Do not think Me distant and cold. I Am the Warm One beside you in soft summer grass. Do not think Me hard as marble or breakable as glass. I Am Breath. I Am Blood. I Am Deep Well of Presence. Find in Me your cleansing. Find in Me your refreshing. Find in Me your life, your flow, your peace; your joy, your song, your sweet release. Do not think Me any law but Love; Love Overshadowing. Love Enlightening. Love Encircling. Love Indwelling. Love, the Ground and Growth of All Being. I Am The Love, The Lover, The Beloved. I Am the ecstatic swelling of your soul; Divinity spilling, overflowing; the human heart thrilling, the human mind knowing. I

MOMENTS by Ruth Calder Murphy

  I admit it: Despite the fact that I’m all for savoring every gift I’m given, and speak often about it, sometimes, I get irritated by people… These are people urging me to “seize the day” or “live in the moment” or “make the most of the time you have, because time goes so quickly”... Because sometimes, life being “too short” and time passing “too quickly” is neither here nor there, when you’re up to your eyeballs in it and hanging on by the skin of your teeth for it all to stop and give you the opportunity to rest. I remember feeling like this especially often when my children were very tiny and all three of them were at home, most of the time. The days when I was their primary career, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and … It. Never. Stopped. I love - and loved - being a Mother, but sometimes, the opportunity to make every moment count gets swallowed up in the sheer exhaustion of getting through the moments until bedtime! Having said all that, “gathering  momen

CHAKRA FLOW by Tammy T. Stone

                                                                                  (Editor's note) Souls uniting from all over the world to make art via the Internet is so very inspiring to me!  The poems you are about to read below emerged from one such connection. They will take you on a journey  through  the chakras, or the psycho-energetic centers in our bodies ,  according  to the ancient yoga tradition.   The poetry flowed out of Tammy T. Stone, a Canadian writer and photographer living in Japan, after having been moved by the beautiful yoga  artwork of Helene Averous, who is French and living in Singapore. Their beautiful creations were then woven together by yours  truly, into a meditational video you may watch below, with the music of my talented friend Paul Avgerinos.  May you enjoy our artistic offering, as you connect with the dynamic life force flowing through your body, animating your chakras , and celebrating YOU!  Chakra Flow by Tammy T.

THE FIERCE ONE by Eva Xanthopoulos

This poem revolves around the theme of "Female Empowerment"… It is inspired by the Shakespearean line, "Though she be but little, she is fierce." I'm petite in frame, quite introverted, and very sensitive. Due to that, people have underestimated me a lot throughout my life especially when it comes to achieving my dreams. Appearance only tells one so much... There is SO much more beneath this veil of flesh and bone; there's an infinite soul that beams outward every time one is compassionate, loving, joyous... and especially when one remains courageous through the inevitable ups and downs of life. This poem is to all of my soul sisters: Never lose your vibrant free spirit... You as well as I are FIERCE spiritual beings having a human experience! The Fierce One by Eva Xanthopoulos It's a steep one, little (but fierce ) one— The hill yonder; Much too steep for you, so you best stay in the fields. But, "No!" you