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IN THE KNOWING by Shikera Thomason

In The Knowing I am called, blessed, beautiful, glorious, kind, lovely. I am fruit being transformed into wine. I am the nard from the alabaster box being poured out upon humanity. I am prophetess and bride. I am garden-dweller and tree. I am the perfection of my perfecter and my creator calls me royal, chosen, and holy. I am pliable clay being molded and sculpted. I am a songstress and the lifegiver's song is being sung through me. I am the embodiment of I AM! I am I am I am.        Shikera  Thomason   is a native of  Carroll County in North West Georgia where she lives with her wife April. After eleven years as a special education teacher, Shikera knew her heart was leading her in a new direction of teaching. After much prayer, she pursued and earned her master's degree in Human Services and Psychology from Mercer University in May of 2018.  Shikera has a passion for impacting humanity through servitude carried out in love. During the last three years, Shikera has watched God

THE DRY LEAF by Tara Anand

The Dry Leaf You hang mid air  Held aloft by  a gossamer thread Teaching me to trust  And let go. Showing me: I too Can effortlessly Lie back and let Life rock me Back and forth - the mother I yearn for. How did the spider Spin its web just so And just when? How did no other leaf But you, fall at just The right place From just the right height With just the right weight? I watch you  Wondering when The breeze will topple you over And what purpose you serve. I spotted you hours ago Yet you're still there. Musing, writing, I look up But you're gone A soft rustle tells me  You've joined your kin On the ground. What a surprising sense Of loss I feel Like losing a dear friend. *Find more of Tara's poetry in her new book. Click here for your own copy* Tara Anand  is a Life Coach, Counselor, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, Writer & Author of  " Why the Lotus Blooms: Choosing to Stand Tall" . Deciding to honor her inner voice at the age of thirty-four saw her lif


Finding the Light  (a little girl’s long quest)   “One day you will find the light”  I used to hear in church when I was a little girl.  “And the light will heal you from all the suffering and pain.”   I started to look for the light. I thought maybe mom had it  and she would just give it to me but she didn’t.    Well, let’s see, maybe grandma has the light  but she didn’t have it either.  I asked everyone if they had seen the light.  I really have to know everything about it.  What does it look like?   Does somebody carry it around?  Does it belong to somebody specific?  What color is it?   Some people said they have seen it.  They said it is beautiful but hard to describe.  Some said they have heard about it  but can’t say what it sounds like.  Others said they have felt it  but can’t describe what it feels like. So I kept on looking for the light until one night I found it.  I think I found it right in my heart.    It was a bright night with the moon and stars  shining on a quiet ba