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RISING AGAIN by Tanielle Childers

This is the story of how I'm finding my way back to rising again after losing my baby... In April of 2012 at age 36, I found out we were expecting our third child. The pregnancy was a struggle from the beginning. I had pregnancy-induced high blood pressure that began 12 weeks in, then I found out at our 19-week gender ultrasound that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. I chose to deliver our unborn son, Dason, the following day. I was left devastated and completely heartbroken by the loss of our child. To this day, I have moments when I feel like my body somehow failed him. The hardest part is never knowing or understanding why he left us. Finding my way back to rising again in a positive light for the sake of my other two children was an extremely tough road. After my doctor told me I could exercise again, I was on a mission to build a healthier me. I slowly took up running, as a way to get my high blood pressure back to a good place. Running was introduced to me by

EMPATHY by BethAnne Kapansky Wright

The Hidden Lights Anthology, released today with Golden Dragonfly Press , and edited by Carolyn Riker and BethAnne Kapansky Wright , is a collection of poetry, prose, and essays from novice to experienced authors that gives voice to truths not often told... The words in this book plunge to the taproot of soul covering a diversity of topics across the human experience. Each chapter details the bittersweet of humanity and crosses over stereotypes of gender, racial decree, suicide, justice, depression, grief, and wrapping an inclusiveness in the cusp of being seen and heard. Fifty percent of the proceeds will be donated to the National Woman's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation.  The following piece, Empathy, by BethAnne Kapansky Wright, is a personal reflection on the experience of being an empath, along with a call for change in our country's relationship with empathy. It represents the heartbeat, foundation, and fundamental truth upon which this anthology wa

SHADOW OF A DOVE by Zoe Michael

(Editors note: Today begins   National Suicide Prevention Week.  The poems we feature this week are meant to contribute to raising awareness toward this cause. All are welcome to participate.) This poem tells my story of a memory I revisited when I was five years old at a time when my father had recently committed suicide... Shadow of a Dove is a poem I wrote just before the New Moon in Aquarius on the 28th January 2017. I felt I needed to release a consistent fear of rejection and abandonment that continued to reveal itself within my new relationship. The evening before the New Moon I asked my Angels to show me what this deep rooted insecurity was and what part of my inner child needed to be healed. After I re-lived a memory from the past and sobbed away the sadness attached to who I was in that very moment of being abandoned, I healed the little girl within me and came to a new peace within my soul.  The words of this poem journey through my inner child's trauma of suddenl

WARRIOR SPIRIT by Jennie Haiman

I was sitting in my apartment thinking to myself that I should be doing something creative yet I couldn’t quite figure out what I should be doing... All of a sudden I receive a text message from my good friend/ partner Xavior. He told me to write a poem about the unfortunate state of our planet. Almost immediately I started writing “Warrior Spirit.” Little did I know at the time that the poems would continuously flow out of me for approximately the next 6 weeks thus creating my first poetry book ever titled A Lover in the Land of Hell , now selling on Amazon three years later!  "Warrior Spirit" expresses all that is wrong in this world, all the evils that exist from animal abuse to homelessness, corrupt politics, etc.  I am the Warrior Spirit that has come to this planet to invoke change. I repeatedly state this fact throughout the poem "I’m just a Warrior Spirit trying to stay peaceful amidst a chaotic planet engulfed in evil people, I’m here to help the meek f


On the path there are those things that we do because we have to... Or because we are good at them, or because we seek the love, validation or acceptance of others. On the opposite, there are those things we do because they matter. They matter because they are how we are, they matter because our joy matters. There are those things we do, or wish we could do: insights lost among an ocean of million possibilities, little gems in the sea of our lives -- and those things matter.  And it matters that we make them become our lives -- not just fleeting golden moments of alignment, happiness and truth in the memories of our hearts. Because, Ultimately... those are the ones we will remember.  The Things Which Matter by Sophie Gregoire   When all is said and done, All the chapters written. When the sun sets its last dance Away, The book closed. When the endless night comes, We'll remember The way we dealt with, The matters of the heart. How we loved,