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MY SISTERS by Janavi Held

(Editors note :  Janavi, the author of this poem, and my dear friend, sadly left us last December. Today, June third, is her birthday. I share this poem of hers with you in loving remembrance of the beautiful poet and person she was.) This is an offering from my heart to all my sisters.  I have discovered, as the years roll by, that friendship is beyond value... My Sisters by Janavi Held How I wish we were there together climbing to safety into the arms of the stately grandmother tree dreaming her earthy dreams soaking in her love her ancient wisdom oh sister how I wish to take your hand and run far into the coolness of an early spring morning chattering to each other of the sky and clouds and running to that river where we discovered our hearts, where we wept in grief, where joy turned to reverence, our limbs became sanctified by that holy water, rolling endlessly, beating like our hearts, like the sounds the earth makes wh

A GIFT by Jenny O'Hare

I have had a complicated relationship with my body for as long as I can remember... Thankfully, there came a point in my life where all complications ceased to exist, and I fell in love with the whole entirety of my being: skin, bones, head, heart, flesh and beyond. Like so many elements of life, realizations and revelations do not always stay with us, the immutable laws of nature allow them to be eroded by various influences in a myriad of ways. When this began to happen to me, the strength of this self love rose its voice to respond to the call....and thus this poem was born. I hope that it might resonate with some or any or one of you, that we may remember to love ourselves deeply and fiercely through this physical journey.  A Gift by Jenny O'Hare This is a gift. This is a gift, from my body to me. This is a gift, from my body to  itself . This lesson. This extra flesh, these extra parts of me that expand my physical being, have been sent to you to teach you

FINDING BALANCE by Sarah Whitman

Before becoming a mother, I thrived on new and different experiences... I worked as a newspaper reporter and met new people everyday. My work weeks allowed me to experience everything from life at a women's prison to life in the circus. I dreamed of seeing the world as a travel writer. Of course, I also dreamed of becoming a mother and when that dream became real with the birth of my son in 2012, I knew instantly I wanted to dedicate my time to him.  In March 2013, I left my office reporting job to become a work-from-home religion columnist. Today, my son is four years old. My daughter, Paige, will turn one in August. They are my heart. I love watching them learn and grow. I also miss the life I used to lead. I wrote this poem about finding the balance between pursuing my personal dreams and being a fully present mom.   Finding Balance by Sarah Whitman   Mom said What I set my mind to I can do But anxious thoughts Interrupt progress Be this Do this Because