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I AM ALL THAT I AM by Ruth Calder Murphy

“Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) ~ Descartes . This is, perhaps one of the single most famous philosophical statements of modern times. “I think, therefore, I am”... It was certainly the first philosophical statement of which I was consciously aware, because when I was a very tiny child, my mother had an apron adorned with a comic strip, featuring a slightly daft-looking English sheepdog. The dog had thought-clouds above its head, and in the first picture, looking confident and happy, it was thinking, “I think, therefore I am”. In the next, the dog looked mildly confused: “But if I only think I think, how do I know I think?” Finally, looking dizzy and utterly perplexed, it went on, “I mean, I could just be thinking I think I think… I think…” My mother, always one to seize an opportunity to expand our education, told us (my siblings and I) about Descartes and also that, perhaps, his statement is potentially dangerous. For example, what happens when I’m unconscious? W

NEW BIRD by Dejah Beauchamp

I wrote "New Bird" shortly after my daughter, Sunrise, was stillborn at 40 weeks… All the literature I read concerning grief used language such as "taken too soon" and "passed on" to describe the experience of death. I had a hard time reconciling these passive terms with my belief that my daughter had chosen her moment to leave the world. Even though I never got a chance to watch her grow, I felt I knew her: a girl who knew her own mind, a girl who took control of her destiny, unafraid. My grief has changed over the past three years: sometimes sharp, sometimes blunt, always transforming into something I don't expect. My relationship with Sunrise (I say relationship because, even though she's not here, we are still bonded in that mother/daughter way) has changed too. For so long after her death I thought of her as "somewhere else," apart from me, unreachable, but now I know she is here with me, always my daughter, my muse. N


In the last couple of years I have started to learn what it feels like to have a relationship with God... ... and to be close to that energy.   As I have gotten to know God or God energy, I just want to know more and more and come closer and closer. Hanging Out With God by Shari Sachs Id like to spend some time with you God   Amidst the noise and haste   Or maybe because of it.   I’d like to learn the language beneath the words   Skulking around in wee morning hours   Waving its arms in frantic desperation wanting to be spoken.   Id like to be your friend.   I think?   Or better yet…   Yours mine   Will you be my friend? Will you also be my father/mother/lover/brother/ sister? oh – and Playmate too . Yes, playmate.   I’d really like that I’d like to spend some time with you, God   To stop thinking, and analyzing, and paralyzing   And just... Be   And know... That you are there.   That you are here.  


The message I offer you here today is to  find yourself... To really know yourself with all the aspects and manifestations of your own Being! The inspiration: the hidden meanings about Life and Love.  I use this form of expression for creating picturesque views about these major themes, transforming the way we think about our own selves.  My poem “builds” a language within a language, a universe within another universe using vivid imagery, sometimes surreal, giving to the poetry a transcending feeling. The language which "moves" me from the outward expression to a more inner world expression, as a poetic description of elevating experiences, and as the result is able to mark people's lives. The one which awakens in others the deep realities of Life within themselves. Eternity Within My Reach by Anca Mihaela Bruma Time is too much in my days, millennium of mornings, aeons of evenings... and Vedic hymns fill the spaces between Yo

A MYSTICAL ORGASM by Isabelle Andres

I spend a lot of time in nature: I often hide there; I love it there! I feel the unconditional energy of our mother earth. Being in the moment with nature triggers all my senses and being highly sensitive often moments can become bliss. Today I experienced the wind orgasmically and I believe this poem is very much an expression of the awakening of my Shakti as I have recently joined a women group that celebrates the awakening of our divine feminine essence. These few lines are my best attempt at describing the truly mystical experience I had out there in the wood. A Mystical Orgasm by Isabelle Andres Watch the trees dancing, Listen to the leaves singing, Feel that delicate caress on your cheeks, Taste that gentle burst of rain, Smell that wave of perfume from those distant bluebells, He is here with you: you are with the wind, Watch him, listen to him, feel him, smell him, taste him. He is honoring you of his sensual presence, Let all your senses be

HERE I RETURN by Brigid Clare Oak

This moment, this breath, is Holy Ground... Although I work efficiently and hard, can multitask when necessary, and somehow have had energy enough to raise three children, I am a woman who deeply appreciates, and  needs , stillness and quiet. This gentle space is where I return again and again for refreshment, renewal, and re-connection with the Blessed Source and Center of All That Is.  Here I Return by Brigid Clare Oak Just to be with You Just to breathe with You Thou Who Art Being Thou Who Art Breath You Are the Word Speaking in the Silence and the Great Movement found most profoundly Present in the stillness of the soul. This moment, this breath, is Holy Ground; Where I curl gently inward as a small seed to be planted, or a womb-warmed babe, so graciously granted a place deep within Your Divine Tenderness. Here I return day after day, soft in the Love that whisks me away from