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Finding Oneself in Solitude Long stretches of time alone in the past year or so, though challenging, have allowed much to come  to light. Unfettered recognition of                                          illusion,                                pain,                              strength,                  truth. Uneasy wonderings of     who remembers,                 where to fit,                             what is next                                                                 when, how, if to re-emerge.      Sometimes so clear,  other times                                                        just out of focus. Branching moments  of suspension  create currents of   gratitude for love let in,                     comfort in quiet company,                                      hope of candid connection.                             Valid,                     vital,                     revealing,             redeeming – finding oneself in solitude. (This poem originally appeared i

THIS I BELIEVE by Carolyn Chilton Casas

  This I Believe  I believe that goodness is the root and core of all of life;   an act of kindness is the best reaction to any action;   there is no separation between myself and my fellow living beings;   a benevolent river of consciousness exists that holds us forever afloat in our experience;   each time we respond to an encounter it is from a choice of fear or love;   we live to the best of our ability, receive and give in our own capacity;   with love, trust and allowing everything can be sorted out.   I believe in openness, in being vulnerable, and in making a practice of our shared breath. *   *   * A Time my Own Birdsong awakens me             to first light                          through bamboo slats;                                     consciousness drifts forward.   The things to do are many             but life has taught me                         to honor morning stillness.   Respiration slows and deepens,             becomes more aware,                         bathing